Customising Bifolds to Make Them Fit Your Home

The summer months are a great time to be outside and enjoy the space around you. Family gatherings and neighbourly barbecues are relaxing ways to have fun, and there’s nothing like a sunny day to help the kids run off some energy. If you have a cute little garden – perhaps a little on the […]

What’s the Maximum and Minimum Opening Size for Bifolds?

Bifold doors are available in various configurations, and the design is only limited by your imagination. Whether your bifolds are for a glass extension, a conservatory, a dining room or a pool, we have a set that will complement your décor. The main thing you’ll need to consider is the size. Is your building suitable […]

Installing Your Own Bifolds: Risks and Benefits

We all have to count the pennies these days, so it may be tempting to set about installing the doors as a DIY project, rather than employing a professional company. Good glazing products don’t come cheap, and it’s sometimes tempting to try cut corners. While economising may save money in the short term, the longer […]

What Is a Two-Pane Bifold Door?

Bifold doors are now the on-trend item for the home DIY-er and property restorer. They are made up of panels of glass and a frame (often lightweight aluminium). The doors are hinged and fold back to create large open areas, and they’re popular with people who want to open up very large external walls. Bifold […]

Choosing Curtains For Bifold Doors

Bifold doors really open up your space and invite the fresh air of the garden right into the home. On a warm, sunny day, there’s nothing quite like the feel of a cool breeze in the kitchen, and the open access bifolds provide is unbeatable. At night, bifold doors are a window onto a different […]

How to Build an Orangery

If you’re not keen on conservatories, and you’re ruled out an extension, an orangery could offer you the space and light you need. Originally devised in the 17th century, orangeries were used to grow citrus fruit in domestic properties – a pastime that only the wealthy could afford. An orangery is a part of a building […]

How to dress your bifold doors

In British homes, we tend to dress our windows with curtains. It makes sense: we don’t open our windows frequently, and heavy curtains can boost energy efficiency. But with bifolding doors, there’s a problem: curtains get in the way. Consider the way a bifold door stacks. If you have the leaves stacking up inside the […]

Can You Have Bifolds in a Small Space?

When we think of bifolding doors, we normally think about huge expanses of metal, or plastic, and glass. Bifolds are ideally suited to very large openings, giving you a way to effectively remove a wall and bring the sunshine into the house. Many customers ask us whether bifolds are suitable for smaller spaces. They are, […]

The Pros and Cons of Corner Bifolds

Bifold doors add a spectacular finishing touch to any home, particularly when they open out onto a fabulous garden and patio. A corner bifold adds that extra visual interest, letting you open two sides of the building to the outdoors. It also gives you a huge amount of access. Corner bifolds have a few hidden complications, […]

Why Choose a Low Threshold Bifold?

Bifold doors come in myriad styles and configurations. No matter what your property looks like, we can create a frame style, colour and shape that works well for you. But what about the people in the home: how are they going to use the bifolds? How can the doors make their experience better? One of the […]