Linking indoors and out with new doors

UK property owners love their outdoor spaces, and with working from home now the norm, linking indoors and out has never been more valued. Gardens and patios continue to be aspirational features for homeowners, but you can elevate how you use these areas by creating seamless transitions with your interior spaces.

Whether it’s creating outstanding views or wide-opening spaces, here are just some of the ways you can use new doors to link inside and out.

Minimal sightlines and smooth operation

Traditional patio doors have a reputation for having large bulky frames and a heavy sliding mechanism, but this is a thing of the past with modern products.

By choosing aluminium frames, this strong material can achieve the slimmest of sightlines, so even when doors are closed, you feel like your home is open to the outdoors. For example, the Origin patio slider gives a panoramic view of the world with impressively large glass panes and a sleek aluminium profile.

Moreover, the state-of-the-art engineering used to develop contemporary doors, like patio sliders and bifolds, means that doors run along smooth-running tracks, feeling lightweight to open and shut.

Seamless transitions with bifold doors

Bifolds are one of the best options if you love outdoor living, especially if you have a beautiful garden space, terrace or patio ideal for socialising and relaxing. With their concertina effect when open, bifolds stack to one or both sides of the doorway. This produces a wide opening not possible with other products where panels must remain in the door track.

You can also select low or weathered threshold options to give better access, especially if your priority is to achieve a seamless look or minimise trip hazards (e.g., the user has mobility issues or there are young children in the house). The transition between indoors and out will feel very smooth and like one space when doors are fully open while creating an aesthetically-pleasing look.

Beautiful colour schemes for your door design

Considering colour when designing your new doors will go a long way to connecting indoor and outdoor spaces. Experienced door suppliers will offer you a wide range of colour choices, including over 150 RAL shades to produce a different effect.

You could even choose a dual colour option to vary the internal and external frame shades. You should opt for an interior frame colour that complements your room décor, whereas the exterior side can consider outdoor fixtures and fittings you have. Some people even select a colour that matches their patio or terrace flooring, helping your property feel part of the outdoor space you’ve created.

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