What’s the Maximum and Minimum Opening Size for Bifolds?

Bifold doors are available in various configurations, and the design is only limited by your imagination. Whether your bifolds are for a glass extension, a conservatory, a dining room or a pool, we have a set that will complement your décor.

The main thing you’ll need to consider is the size. Is your building suitable for bifolds? Is the opening too small – or too large? Here is some general guidance.

Maximum Opening Sizes

The maximum height for any bifold door leaf is 2.5 metres, and the maximum width for a leaf is one metre. When measuring up, consider how the doors are going to stack; a metre is quite a large area, and in a small room, stacking internally could reduce the amount of usable space near the doors.

You can have bifold doors with just two panes, but you may find these inconvenient if you want to quickly pop out into the garden, as there’s no scope for a traffic door. If you don’t have a dedicated back door, opening and folding the bifolds could slow you down. Consider three panes for better access and convenience.

Minimum Opening Sizes

The minimum width for an individual door pane is 70cm. Manufacturers sometimes offer narrower panes, but bear in mind that this could prevent you having a usable traffic door. Narrow panes also do not balance as well on runners, making them more difficult to fold and stack.

When calculating the expected width of your doors, don’t forget to add a little extra for the frame – approximately 5 to 10cm should be about right.

The opening in the building may not be exactly square, either. Don’t worry: our installers are used to dealing with unusual buildings and slightly uneven dimensions.

Customisation and Turnaround

When you order your doors, we’ll come out and do a professional survey, and we’ll gather your requirements and ideas. We can advise you on whether to have your doors folding in or out, whether to fold them in one direction or split them, and whether to go for narrow leaves or wide.

You can also upgrade the handles for the perfect finish; we offer black, white, chrome and gold security handles, or a stainless steel lever. Match the rest of your glazing, or contrast the handles against the colour of your frames for an exciting colour pop.

You could have your new bifold doors in just 7 days from the date we do your survey. But remember: custom colours take longer to produce. If you want fast installation, stick with white, black, grey or silver.

Getting a Quote

Getting a quote for your bifolds is free, fast and easy. Just complete our contact form, or call 0203 874 5166. Based in Surrey, we install bifold doors all over the south east of England, and we’ll be pleased to visit your property to give you our expert advice in person. From the smallest to the largest bifolding door, you’ll get the very best price from Your Price Bifolds.

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