Choosing Curtains For Bifold Doors

Bifold doors really open up your space and invite the fresh air of the garden right into the home. On a warm, sunny day, there’s nothing quite like the feel of a cool breeze in the kitchen, and the open access bifolds provide is unbeatable.

At night, bifold doors are a window onto a different world: starry skies, wildlife and the serenity of a summer sunset. At the same time, you may feel that you want the privacy of curtains. But how do you use curtains with bifolds? And can you ever neatly dress a bifold door?

In this article, we’ll look at some options for covering bifold doors and maintaining your privacy in the evenings. We’ll also look at ways to make bifolds more useful if you choose not to dress them at all.

Choosing Bifold Curtains

So are curtains even practical for a bifold? The short answer is yes: you can use curtains for bifold doors, but you’ll need to put a little more thought into the buying process. Don’t rush out and buy the usual hardware and try to mount basic curtains yourself.

There are clearly some challenges presented by the stacking mechanism, but it’s still possible to use curtains without them getting in the way. You wouldn’t want large, expensive curtains spoiling the opening and blowing around in the breeze, or being exposed to the elements in a shower, and curtains could actually damage the doors if they were to snag in the runners.

One good alternative is a light voile-type curtain that acts more like a screen than an opaque window covering. You could also have curtains fold back into a concealed space, such as a simple cupboard, so they won’t get in the way when they’re open.

In short, curtains can be hung over bifolds, but only if you have space at the top for the curtain pole and space at the sides for the curtains to be tied back. You will almost certainly need custom curtains that have very sharp pleats so that they fold very efficiently.

If you want to order new bifolds, we can certainly design them with curtains in mind, integrating the necessary poles and cupboards. If your bifolds are already fitted, and you don’t have the luxury of space, we can recommend some alternatives.

Alternatives: Blinds and More

If curtains sound like too much trouble, consider mounting blinds on your bifold doors. Roller blinds are convenient and inexpensive, but they don’t look good sticking out and could stop the doors from stacking.

A far better solution is to choose panels that have been custom made for your doors. These flat coverings are an attractive alternative to blinds and offer privacy without weight or bulk.

Finally, don’t forget the humble fly screen. If you want something to cover the window but enjoy the fresh air, we can manufacture bifolds with fly screens built in. While they aren’t a great option for privacy, they can extend the useful functions of your bifolds without the expense and inconvenience of adding other window coverings.



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