When is the best time of year to fit bifold doors?

Britain is wonderful – we have defined seasons. OK, sometimes it’s cold in summer and mild in winter – and it’s always possible it’s going to rain, whatever time of year it is – but some countries are envious of our seasonal or ‘British’ weather. There are pros and cons to fitting bifold doors in […]

How to maximise the space in your property with bifold doors

Whether small space living or building a dream home, many of us are striving to make the absolute most of the space we have. Bifold doors are fast becoming commonplace in properties of all shapes and sizes as a smart entryway solution that takes up less physical space and dramatically boosts natural light, resulting in […]

How to care for your bifold doors

If you have committed yourself to buying top quality bifold doors (and they are the only ones we supply), you will be pleased to read that the aftercare is minimal. One thing you must not do is use harsh cleaners on either your doors, the glass, the frames or the track. If you are tempted […]

Bifold doors configuration options: What should you choose?

Bifold doors are often favoured for their versatility, but the wide range of configuration options can sometimes seem overwhelming. This guide breaks down each option, helping you choose the best one for you and your space. Know your options Choosing your bifold doors configuration options has never been easier, as the easy-to-follow chart in the […]

How to create an indoor/outdoor kitchen with bifold doors

Imagine if you had more space to enjoy your home without having to move. And imagine if that space was your kitchen. Being the heart of a house – installing bifold doors in the kitchen could open up all sorts of possibilities. A second kitchen in your garden Instead of being crowded in the one […]

Why Origin are leaders in bifold doors design

Combining high-grade aluminium with advanced engineering, Origin products are some of the most well-regarded and high-functioning options available on the glazing market. Here at Your Price Bifolds, we have been proud partners of Origin since 2009. If you are considering property renovations or replacement glazing, you may be researching more about the right brand for […]

Bifolds Doors: A Glossary

Origin bifold doors are some of the most technically advanced and innovative doors on the market. They use a lot of terminology associated with regular doors but some of the terminology can get confusing. Here at Your Price Bifolds, we have put together a glossary of terms. Configuration: This describes the way your bifold doors […]

Why add bifolds to a new extension project?

Most of us would like to have more space and many people are choosing to extend rather than move. If you are completing an extension on your property, you may be wondering about the right glazing. Bifold doors can add the perfect finishing touch to any renovation or extension project. The trend for open-plan living […]

Staying warm with bifolding doors this winter

When autumn comes and then winter sets in, you will probably be thinking about turning the heating back on and staying warm and cosy. Bifold doors are often associated with the summer months because of their easy access to outside and ability to open up a whole glass wall to let the outdoors inside. However, […]

Bifold Doors: External vs Internal Stacking

Bifold doors can be customised in a number of ways. Your doors will need a certain number of leaves to fit the opening in the wall, of course, and they’ll also be manufactured in your chosen colour and finish. Bifold doors can be complemented with a range of handles and other fittings to match your existing […]