The ultimate guide to aluminium bi-fold doors

Whether extending your home or planning a property renovation, choosing the right products for your spaces is key. One of the most popular choices is bi-fold doors, and aluminium is the best material for this type of product. While it’s often more expensive than uPVC, it will last longer, so it’s a worthwhile investment if you’re looking for quality designs.

Here’s everything you need to know about the world of aluminium bi-folds.

Are bi-fold doors the right choice for you?

Bi-folds are chosen for both residential and commercial door applications, with a range of features that benefit both types of settings. So, whether you want wall-to-wall bi-folding doors in a new kitchen extension or easy access to outside tables in a restaurant or hotel grounds, they’re the ideal choice.

Benefits of bi-fold doors include narrow sightlines for extended views and optimal light, fully customisable configurations to fit your spaces and an aesthetically pleasing appearance. They also help spaces connect to the outdoors, folding back in a concertina motion to create a wide opening space. Aluminium frames also come with excellent thermal efficiency and enhanced security features.

Designing bespoke bi-folding doors

Aluminium bi-folds are made-to-measure, and while there are some size restrictions, these won’t apply for most projects like residential door installations. Your bi-fold supplier can check this for you when visiting your property.

Aluminium is the superior choice for bi-folds thanks to its strength, meaning frames can be slimline yet strong enough to hold larger panes of glass than other materials. Having larger panels also means you’ll need fewer of them to fill the opening width.

Bi-fold sizes will depend on multiple factors, including how many panels you want installed in the space. Whatever your specifications, each door set will be made with your exact measurements in mind, creating bi-folds that fit the size of the opening. You can even choose b-folds for unusual spots such as bays and corners.

Creating the finished look

Creating the right look for your bi-folds is essential so that they complement everything from your room layout and design to interior décor and property style.

Design options include over 150 RAL shades to choose from. You could even opt for dual colours for a different look on the internal and external sides of the door frame. If you want the quality of aluminium with the look of oak, you could also select a woodgrain finish to match your hardwood floors.

Maintenance of aluminium doors is easy, needing minimal cleaning with soapy water and a non-abrasive cloth to keep them looking as good as new.

Design your new aluminium bi-folds

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