Customising Bifolds to Make Them Fit Your Home

The summer months are a great time to be outside and enjoy the space around you. Family gatherings and neighbourly barbecues are relaxing ways to have fun, and there’s nothing like a sunny day to help the kids run off some energy.

If you have a cute little garden – perhaps a little on the small side – it can feel cramped when everyone arrives for the day. The easier you make access, the more usable the room will feel, and the more comfortable you’ll be hosting everyone this summer.

You may be concerned that bifolds may not fit the amount of space you have. Fear not; even the smallest opening benefits from better access with bifolding doors. All you have to do is make them fit the space.

Universal appeal

Bifold doors give any home a feeling of luxury and comfort and are convenient and easy to use, clean and maintain.

Maximising the natural light available, bifolds can turn a dark room into one filled with sunlight with the replacement of doors and windows into walls of beautiful glass.

The design of a bifold means that when open they take up very little space. Folding back on themselves, they open up as much of 90% of the width of the frame size, giving you a panoramic view. Professionally installed bifolds are smooth and light on their tracks, so they are very easy to use for anyone of any age.

There is a minimum size for a bifold; two panes (around the size of a French door). Providing you have that size opening, you can follow up with further customization to make your bifolds fit right in.

The options for customising bifolds

How will you adapt your bifolds? We’ll work with you to come up with a bespoke design that fits in perfectly with your home. You can choose the way the leaves are organized, how the door opens, choose colour options for frames, play around with accessories such as handles, and select a coordinating fabric for integral blinds. If access is difficult, or your mobility is limited, a remote control will help to open and close the blinds automatically.

There are so many options – you can even have different coloured frames on the inside to the outside. With all this choice, it’s important to think about what will really make them the best upgrade to your home you’ll ever make. Specialist advice is a necessary.

Bifold Advice

When choosing a company to reformat your living space, you need someone with experience of similar environments. Your Price Bifolds can bring out the best in any property, from a large hotel to a refurbished terraced house.

If you want to expand your living space for garden parties, or improve garden access at any time of the year, contact us today. After a quick chat, our fitters will happily carry out an assessment and provide you with a quote. We know we can provide an elegant solution that’s engineered just for you.


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