Staying warm with bifolding doors this winter

When autumn comes and then winter sets in, you will probably be thinking about turning the heating back on and staying warm and cosy. Bifold doors are often associated with the summer months because of their easy access to outside and ability to open up a whole glass wall to let the outdoors inside. However, bifold doors can provide a whole host of benefits and can come into their own during the winter months, too.

What are U Values?

Origin bifold doors are very energy efficient and will trap warm air inside and banish cold draughts. The U Value of a building material measures how effectively it insulates a building and the lower the value, the better the insulation. There are different U Values for different parts of windows and doors but the important figure is the overall score.

Current regulations state that replacement doors must have a U Value of 1.8W/2mK, whilst new builds or extensions must be 2.0W/2mK. Origin doors with triple glazing can reach U Values as low as 1.32W/2mK, so you know that you will stay exceptionally warm and comfortable, whatever the weather outside.

Thermal breaks: Keeping the weather out

All bifold doors from Origin are fitted with thermal breaks, meaning the interior and exterior aluminium frames are separated. This stops heat being conducted from the inside to the outside. The glass is also toughened and of the highest quality. This also stops heats escaping and reduces cold spots and draughts. The technical specification and cutting-edge manufacture of bi folding doors from Your Price Bifolds means that you will pay less money on your fuel bills over the colder months.

Bring in the light

With dark mornings and evenings, we do not enjoy as much natural light during the winter, so it is more important than ever to expose yourself to more natural light. Origin bifold doors let in an abundance of light, even when they are closed, so you can enjoy the natural rays and any winter sun. Whether its fireworks night, a starry night, or a snowy scene, you can admire all the views, whilst being wrapped up inside. Due to the narrow sightlines of our aluminium frames, Origin bi folding doors have wide sightlines, for fantastic views. Increased natural light will also give the illusion of more space, so you can enjoy living, working, or entertaining more.


There are times when you will want to give our home a blast of fresh air. Origin doors are practical and versatile. They are made to measure in any configuration to suit you. Traffic doors – where one door opens at the end of the bifold set – are a popular options. Due to their concertina opening, one leaf can be opened whilst the others remain shut, so you can enjoy some air or pop in and out without having to completely open the doors. Even when open them the smooth, free-glide system, will allow you to control how far you open them.

Are you considering bifold doors this autumn or winter? The team at Your Price Bifolds will be delighted to discuss your options with you whether you live is Wallington, Carshalton or Croydon.

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