Bifold Doors: External vs Internal Stacking

Bifold doors can be customised in a number of ways. Your doors will need a certain number of leaves to fit the opening in the wall, of course, and they’ll also be manufactured in your chosen colour and finish. Bifold doors can be complemented with a range of handles and other fittings to match your existing windows and doors.

Naturally, security is a high priority, and all bifolds are fitted with multi-point locks. We also build in features that prevent locks or glass being removed by an intruder, making it less likely that they’ll gain entry to the property.

One of the other considerations is the way the doors fold. Your bifolds will stack in a concertina formation and can be positioned in a variety of ways, with pros and cons to each. If you’re finding it difficult to decide which way to design your doors, here are some points to consider.

Internal v External Stacking

The most obvious factor in this decision is the space you have in the home. An internal stack takes up a reasonable amount of space behind the doors, so you’ll need to leave a wide berth to allow the doors to open and close properly. In a small space, you may find that this restricts the positioning of the furniture inside.

On the plus side, internal stacking will ensure your doors are kept out of the harsh sun when open. The doors stack flush against the wall to keep them well out of the way.

External stacking gives you more indoor space but could be an obstruction. Some people feel that internal stacking is safer because the door is tucked away while the kids are running around. Remember that all bifold doors are fitted with safety glass, though; if the window unfortunately breaks, you won’t have to worry about sharp shards of glass.

Other Options

If you’d like internal stacking with flexibility, look for sliding stack bifolds. As the name suggests, the stacked leaves can be moved along the track in their folded position.

You can also customise the doors to choose where the opening is, thus potentially giving you the flexibility of a normal back door if you just need to nip out to the garden. The location of the split will also determine how many doors stack on each side of the opening so you can make best use of your space.

Finally, don’t forget that you can choose the height of the threshold. For small children, buggies and wheelchairs, we recommend going as low as possible so that there is nothing to trip over or catch wheels on. Not all locations are suitable for the lowest threshold open, but Your Price Bifolds – bi-folding door specialists in London – will advise you on your options.

Adding Value

Bifold doors are a fantastic way to transform your property and make the best use of indoor and outdoor space. By working with an expert installation company like Your Price Bifolds, you’ll enjoy quality craftsmanship and great design for years to come.

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