Introducing Your Price Bi-Fold Doors Corner Bi-fold Door

Strong, secure and stunning, a corner bi-fold breaks down the boundary between inside and out.

Your Price Bi-Fold Doors Corner Bi-fold Door

When you want a truly spectacular way of inviting the outside world into your
home, the Your Price Bi-Fold Doors Corner Bi-fold Door is the answer.

Strong, secure and made from premium grade aluminium, the doors are available in a wide
range of configurations, colours and styles.

You can create a unique feature that gives your house in the south east of England extra character and appeal.

Why choose the Origin Corner Bi-fold Door?


150 RAL


Up To A 20
Year Guarantee

High Grade

High Grade


Coded Seals






Family Safe




Durable Powder


Low Threshold

Safe, secure and built to last

Designed and constructed in the UK, Your Price Bi-Fold Doors Corner Bi-fold Doors by Origin have the same consistent strength and reliability of conventional bi-folds.

Using premium grade aluminium ensures great durability and security. You can even order a set with a moveable corner post to ensure the stunning visual effect of a complete panoramic view of the south east of England.




Inspired by colour

Our corner bi-folds can be manufactured in more than 150 RAL colours, so you will be able to choose the style that is right for you. If you choose one of the 11 most popular colours, we will be able to deliver them more quickly.

Should you prefer a traditional wood effect, our woodgrain options offer a stunning authentic finish.

Dual colour option

As well as the dizzying array of colours on offer, we also give you the option of different shades on the inside and outside of your corner bi fold door.

That means you can select both a colour that reflects the décor of the interior of your home, and another that works in with the style of its exterior.




Handles crafted with precision

Delivering the ideal mix of strength and style, Your Price Bi-Fold Doors handles offer a superior finish for your bi-fold door by Origin.

Easy to use and smooth to feel, the handles are designed and delivered with the same care and dedication as the rest of your set. They are cycle-tested for durability, which means they will stand the test of time. Contact Your Price Bi-Fold Doors today to find out more.

Create your perfect set of Corner Bi-fold Doors

Flexibility is as important to us as strength and reliability. Your Price Bi-Fold Doors can deliver configurations ranging from two to more than ten door sets. However large your room is, we will have an option for you.

As with conventional bi-folds, there is a huge variety of opening, folding and sliding configurations for you to choose from. We can help you design your perfect space.




Life with no boundaries

When you want to feel at one with the outside world, an Origin Corner bi-fold door installed by Your Price Bi-Fold Doors is the ideal solution.

The ability to draw back the boundary between inside and outside and enjoy the sensation of that border melting away is a rare and precious benefit of a corner bi-fold.

Bi-folding doors that glide effortlessly

The doors of our corner bi-fold do not slide, they glide. Their running mechanism is designed to allow the door to open effortlessly.

Built to be as strong as all Origin doors, they can be used with large panels of glass without becoming heavy or difficult to open. You will have a flawless operation that lasts for years. Installation by Your Price Bi-Fold Doors will mean that they continue to glide for years and years.



Let in the light with corner bifold doors from Your Price Bifolds

Made to measure corner bifold doors can create a whole new open space, bridging the inside and outside. Your Price Bifolds are one of the premier suppliers and installers of corner bi folding doors from Origin throughout the South East. If you are looking for bifold doors specialists, our team has over 25 years’ experience in the supply and fit of bifold doors and we have been Origin partners since 2009.

Corner bifolds can expand the visual aspects associated with bifold doors, with a completely open corner. Like regular bifold doors, they open inwards or outwards, top open out the whole corner of a property. These doors will look incredible when viewed from either the inside or the outside. We fit doors constructed from aluminium, uPVC, and timber and can design, supply, and install doors exactly matched to your requirements.

We can guide you through the process of choosing your doors, including all variables such as colour choice, configuration design, and handle choice. We have helped countless homeowners and commercial property owners and our team will assist you at every stage of the project, regardless of the size or complexity.

Your Price Bifolds: We guarantee quality service

At Your Price Bifolds, our quality bifold doors and other bespoke products are precision-engineered to your exact needs. We are committed to delivering not only the best products designed and manufactured to your specification but also offering exceptional customer service.

Our team can offer insight and technical assistance at all stages. We can assist with any planning permission, complete detailed surveys, and complete the design of your doors, working alongside any other trades, such as architects, designers, or builders.

Our high-quality service does not stop after installation. Our aftercare team will ensure that you are completely satisfied and answer any questions about your corner bi folding doors. The whole Your Price Bifolds team is passionate about our products and playing an important role in helping our customers create their dream homes.

We are corner bi fold doors specialists

Corner bifold doors can completely transform a room and add the wow factor to any project. Whether it is a contemporary extension or a huge, new build project, we have the product range and knowledge to assist you.

There are many design considerations involved, including whether you include a fixed post or not. Doors without a fixed post are known as floating corners. We can advise you around all aspects of your corner bifolds, including whether it needs input from a structural engineer, configurations, materials, and building permits. We have completed countless corner bi folding door installations and are the team to call on.

See the difference with our corner bifold doors

We understand that installing new patio doors or bifold doors is a big decision. Whether you are looking to enhance your home with slimline corner bifold doors or you are in the trade and need specialist knowledge and expertise, we have the experience, infrastructure, and product range to help.


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