Installing Your Own Bifolds: Risks and Benefits

We all have to count the pennies these days, so it may be tempting to set about installing the doors as a DIY project, rather than employing a professional company. Good glazing products don’t come cheap, and it’s sometimes tempting to try cut corners.

While economising may save money in the short term, the longer term outlook could be bleak if you don’t fit bifolds to the exacting standards of those who are trained in their job.

Benefits of installing your own bi-fold doors

OK, so here’s the obvious bit: you save money. Self-installing means there’s no company to pay to do a survey, measure up or fit the doors. To some degree, you’ll be winging it, unless you’re very experienced in glazing.

You can buy bifold doors from your local DIY store (and perhaps even bring them home the same day). You also choose when you want to start the job as you’ll need the time to remove existing windows or doors and to create the space needed.

So yes, we reluctantly agree that buying pre-made gives you the control of when the work takes place. But that’s not the end of the story.

The risks involved in carrying out the job yourself

The door configuration we recommend will depend on the available amount of space, such as height, width and space for the doors to stack. There are minimum and maximum measurements you would need to know about before choosing an off the shelf pack. The doors need to fit exactly into their space and even the smallest difference between the size of the aperture and the doors from the DIY store can mean unwanted gaps or doors which won’t fit. Remember: walls are rarely completely flat and true, and it’s surprisingly difficult to measure the opening accurately.

One of the main benefits of bi-folds is the fact they operate smoothly on a track. If you aren’t sure how the mechanism works or the door isn’t a perfect fit, then the doors may not work and you could end up trying to open and close them forcibly. That defeats one of the main reasons for buying them. You will, of course, damage the doors eventually – or you’ll have to have them removed and reinstalled.

Self-installation also means recognizing risk. There will be brick work to remove, and wiring to re-route. If you haven’t undertaken the work before you could end up with a very large hole in the wall. It only takes a change in the weather and a very unhappy family to create a rather sour conclusion.

Use a professional bi-fold door company

The risks of self-installation of bi-fold doors far outweigh the benefits. Talk to a professional bifold door installation company such as Your Price Bifolds, rather than struggling with a job you have limited knowledge of. We have a team of dedicated engineers and fitters who know everything there is to know about assessing a house for bi-folds, so we will choose the perfect door for the area you want to open up.

Whats more, we fit them with accuracy and care.

Don’t rely on online instructions to muddle through, or you’ll create a rather expensive mess. Contact Your Price Bifolds today to arrange a visit and a quote – you’ll be surprised at our competitive rates.



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