How Origin bi-folds guarantee quality

Bi-fold doors can open up your home to views like never before, creating a seamless flow between indoors and out. If you’re considering Origin’s range of aluminium bi-folds, you can expect a quality product that ticks every box.

Here are just some of the ways Origin bi-fold doors guarantee quality outcomes.

Bespoke door manufacturing

Origin doors are all designed and fabricated right here in the UK, keeping tight controls over safety and quality standards. Origin has a dedicated team who specialises in the bespoke manufacturing of bi-fold doors, tailoring designs to your exact specifications. From selecting the raw materials to creating beautiful door sets, they keep complete control over the process. Some precision engineering is even done by hand to reach the ultimate quality.

State-of-the-art factory

Origin has heavily invested in the latest manufacturing tools and machinery to ensure top-quality products with short lead times. Moreover, Origin even has its own research and development team, who continually works to find new and improved ways of doing things, staying ahead of the curve when designing quality bi-folds that are in high demand.

High-grade aluminium frames

Origin bi-folding doors are manufactured using aluminium from world-leading suppliers, chosen for its strength to produce the most slimline frames. Such narrow sightlines give the ultimate view of your garden or outdoor space while maximising natural sunlight for bright and airy rooms.

Powder-coated coloured frames

Once made, the coloured frames are given a high-grade powder coating for a flawless finish and extra protection. This coating is extremely hard-wearing, scratch-resistant and fade-resistant.

20-year guarantee

Thanks to rigorous testing, the quality of Origin bi-folds is assessed at every stage of the manufacturing and production process, reassuring you that they’re built to last. The Origin team even check each other’s work. Once the products are completed, the doors go through further checks for things like paintwork scratches. That’s why Origin offers an industry-leading guarantee of up to 20 years on all parts, not just the powder coating like many other manufacturers do.

Approved Origin partners

Origin works with accredited partners who supply and install their products, giving them greater control over the supply chain of their products. This is usually window and door companies like Your Price Bi-folds, providing them with in-depth training and access to quality products. Origin even delivers the final products to their trade partners on their own vehicles to ensure the doors arrive safely and on time.

Your chosen supplier can guide you through the process of designing and installing bi-folding doors at your home, ensuring everything from the configuration to frame colours complements your property layout and décor.

Choose an approved Origin partner for the best customer experience and outcomes.

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