Bifold doors – what is the time scale from start to finish?

Stage one – where to start

There are two basic decisions to make when considering having bifold doors fitted – off the peg or bespoke. Off the peg means the doors come in standard sizes and you have to arrange for an opening to be built to suit the doors. You also need to find someone to fit them. Off the peg can generally be fitted more quickly as they are stocked items, but bespoke don’t take that long – and they are well worth waiting for.

Having been in the industry for many years, we decided a while back that bespoke doors or made to measure doors are the only way to go. We make the doors to fit your home – and your home only. We only use Origin doors, too. Again, years of experience have persuaded us to use only the best.   Off the peg are usually cheaper, but when you bear in mind how important your doors are – from a durability, security and aesthetic point of view, it makes sense to spend a bit more and to get the whole package from us – design, fitting and aftercare.

Stage two

The next stage in your bifold door journey – once you’ve decided to go bespoke – is to have any questions answered that immediately spring to mind, so you can start the process off.  You should be able to find information on our website, but if you have anything else that needs addressing, please phone us and we will be delighted to help.

Stage three – our surveyor visit

Once you have decided to have our doors fitted, we will arrange for our surveyor to come to do a site visit. This can normally be arranged fairly quickly. He (or she) will go through all the options with you – number of doors, inside or outside folding, and colours (up to 150 of them). He’ll measure up and advise on likely time scale for having your doors installed. He will also go through handle options, blind choices if wanted and give you useful general advice. Depending on your choice and other factors, lead times are around four to seven weeks. When your doors are due to us for delivery, we will arrange an installation date with you.

Stage four – fitting your bifold doors

You will be asked to clear the area near the fitting site, both inside and outside. We have a reliable and professional crew who know to respect your home, so there is no need for anxiety.  There should be minimum inconvenience – the fitting should take a day at most, and often just a few hours – depending on the complexity of the work. And of course, we don’t just fit the doors. We ensure they are working properly, making adjustments if necessary and finally, clean up thoroughly after ourselves.

Stage five – enjoying your doors

You can start to do this straight away. Most customers cannot believe how much light floods the room and how it feels more spacious. Are you ready to be amazed? Do give us a ring now.

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