Sliding doors vs bifold doors?

Although it eventually comes down to personal preference, we look at the balanced reasons for choosing bifolding doors or sliding doors.

What you need to consider

Partly it’s personal preference and partly it depends on your home and lifestyle. Whichever you decide, we only fit Origin. We are Origin’s largest supplier of doors and windows and fit them exclusively because having spent 25 years in the business, we know a good product when we see one. However, you’ll be glad to know that all our Origin windows and doors, made especially for each customer, come in 150 colours. Built from high-grade aluminium, the material is tough and hardwearing, but also light. That means, whether you choose a sliding door or a bifold door, it will glide into position at the touch of a finger. So, no heavy lifting required.

Sliding doors: the lowdown

Don’t confuse our Origin patio doors with those heavy doors your auntie had twenty years ago; modern sliding doors are light with slim frames, so you get to see more of the outside and most importantly, more sun and light can flood in.

Security is paramount

Despite being light and gliding easily on their tracks, sliding doors are also very secure. The glass is made as part of the frame, so it’s not a case of intruders removing the glass to gain access. And the doors lock with a multipoint lock, with at least six points that close securely.

Sliding doors are perfect for smaller rooms or small outside areas where you might not have space for bifolds. Although our bi-folds do not take up much space, they do take up some space, so this could be a consideration for you.

If you live in a part of the country where you cannot imagine wanting to have the area in front of the window entirely open, and you are happy with just one part open to the elements, a sliding door could be a better option. Or you may just need to occasionally access the outside and not have a particularly good view to enjoy.

In any case, our expert team will advise you on what is best for your situation.

Bifold doors: the lowdown

Bifold doors are the success story of recent years. With the doors stored inside or outside depending on the space you have, flung open it’s like your garden has come inside and your home has doubled in size. Be aware, we can fit low thresholds, with just a small lip, so you do feel as if you have a new room when the doors are fully open; there’s no difficult step down to the garden.

Large rooms love bifold doors

If you have a large room or are planning an extension, bifold doors are perfect. You can move easily from garden or patio to kitchen and lounge, literally opening up your home to all sorts of entertainment possibilities, from several-generation family get togethers to barbecues to just enjoying your home more with your immediate family.

Of course, as with sliding doors, our Origin bifold doors are secure and guaranteed to last for many, many years.

If you’d like us to advise you on your home, the team would love to arrange a site visit. We fit bifold doors all over Surrey and London including Bayswater, Harmondsworth, and Barnsbury

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