Bifold doors configuration options: What should you choose?

Bifold doors are often favoured for their versatility, but the wide range of configuration options can sometimes seem overwhelming. This guide breaks down each option, helping you choose the best one for you and your space.

Know your options

Choosing your bifold doors configuration options has never been easier, as the easy-to-follow chart in the Origin brochure helps you narrow down your choice.

The chart helps you see the door options available to you based on the size of your opening. If you have a pre-existing opening, simply look for the closest measurement on the chart and scan down to see your door options.

Once you know how many doors will fit your space, you can continue exploring the various configuration options available to you.

Two door configurations

Our two door bifold configurations are ideal for smaller openings, or a stylish and modern update to French doors. Our two door bifolds open in the same direction to form one large, unobstructed opening – while still maintaining the appearance of standard French doors when closed.

Three door configurations

If you have a larger opening suited to three door bifolds, there is a choice of configuration options available to you.

We typically recommend the ‘3+0’ configuration, where all three panels fold back in the same direction. Or you may prefer a ‘2+1’ configuration where two panels fold back while the third acts as a separate access door.

All configuration options include an everyday traffic or access door, allowing for easy access in and out without having to fold back every panel.

Four door configurations

Our four door configurations offer even more room for choice. You may want to opt for a ‘4+0’ set-up where every panel folds in unison. However, we typically recommend the ‘3+1’ configuration, where three bifolds are paired with a separate access door. The two joining panels meet to have a French door effect.

Five door configurations

There are three main configuration options available for five panel openings. The first is the ‘5+0’, all doors fold in the same direction, complete with an access door, multipoint lock and no mullion.

Other options include the ‘4+1’, where four doors fold together, while one opens separately. Or the ‘3+2’, where the panels fold in opposite directions but join with a French door effect.

Six door configurations

When it comes to six door configurations, we like to recommend the ‘3+3’ as it offers an incredibly diverse entryway for large openings. Two sets of three bifold doors fold back in opposite directions, revealing a panoramic opening.

You may also opt for ‘6+0’, where all doors fold in the same direction. Or the ‘5+1’, including 5 bifold panels and a separate access door.

At Your Price Bifolds, we offer bifold doors with up to ten panels, allowing for optimum customisation. However, it is important to consider how they’ll look once folded back. A ‘10+0’ configuration may be possible, but when open it will form a significant stack of doors at one side. For this reason, it may be neater to consider a ‘5+5’ configuration.

For more details about our range of products or help deciding which door configuration option will work best in your home, contact Your Price Bifolds today.

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