How to maximise the space in your property with bifold doors

Whether small space living or building a dream home, many of us are striving to make the absolute most of the space we have.

Bifold doors are fast becoming commonplace in properties of all shapes and sizes as a smart entryway solution that takes up less physical space and dramatically boosts natural light, resulting in a home that looks and feels larger.

What are bifold doors?

A popular design choice for everywhere from period homes to new builds and extensions, bi-folding doors are glass-panelled doors that open and close in concertina-style. Bifolds have a panelled appearance that makes for a modern and stylish upgrade to standard sliding or French doors. Furthermore, Origin bifolds can be made with two to ten panels that all fold back to reveal a single unobstructed entryway – really opening up the possibilities for a space.

How bifold doors maximise space

Interior designers typically look to maximise space by opting for streamline furniture and fixtures, increasing natural light, and carefully coordinating colours that create the illusion of a more open room. Luckily, Origin bifold doors tick all of these boxes.

They take up less space

The signature folding motion of bifold doors creates an opening arc that is half that of a regular door, making them an efficient solution where floor space may be a luxury.

Moreover, once opened, bifold door panels all fold up against each other entirely out of the way. You may even opt for external stacking, where the panels open towards the outside of a property and extend available floor space.

This inherently space-saving design also makes bifolds a popular solution for internal entryways, helping a home appear more open.

They boost natural light

The illusion of more space can often be created by flooding a room with as much natural light as possible. Not only do the large glass panels of bifold doors allow more light into a room, they also fold back entirely to create an unhindered opening that flows seamlessly into the garden.

Furthermore, the option for corner bifold doors can truly break down the boundary between inside and out.

Fully customisable

Colour not only allows us to add personality to our property, it can also have an influence on how big it looks.

For instance, contrasting colours can break up a room and cause it to appear smaller. Whereas matching furniture and fittings to walls and floors can help a room flow and appear more expansive.

Origin bifold doors are manufactured bespoke to your specific requirements and have 150 RAL colours to choose from, so you can find your perfect match. There’s even dual colour options that allow the exterior to complement the build of your home, while the inside blends seamlessly with your interiors.

At Your Price Bifolds, we supply and fit bifold doors throughout London and Surrey. These doors can completely transform your home to look and feel more spacious, so get in touch today and find out more.

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