Are bifold doors only suitable for a modern property?

The popularity of bifold doors

Watching home improvement shows on television and scrolling through your IG and Facebook feed, you do get the impression that the success of the decade that is bifold doors are only suitable for modern homes.

Modern homes – either those architect-designed out-of-my-budget mansions featured on the likes of Grand Designs, or the more modest modern home Sarah Beeny might tackle seem to be made for bifold doors. Their sleek lines and acres of glass do appeal to modern homeowners and as many of these people often go for the minimalist look too, bifold doors fit that criterion very well.

Period properties and bifold doors

If you live in a home that is pre-1960, you may feel that bifold doors are not for you. But the reason for that could be that you have just not seen many examples. However, more houses exist now that were built before 1960 than after, and in Wales in particular, 26% of the housing stock is over 100 years old.

1930s houses and bifold doors

There was a rash of house building during the inter-war years and the 1930s house is regarded as a solid, sturdy home. Rooms are usually of a reasonable size and the dining room typically faces on to the garden with just one window. The single eye level window might have been replaced with French doors, but how much nicer to install bifold doors and let the light flood in.

Victorian, Edwardian, and 1920s houses and bifold doors

These properties are often cherished for their period features, but it doesn’t mean you can’t install bifold doors. The period features tend to be in the high ceilings, architraves, dado rails, decorative woodwork and plaster details all usually unaffected by a bifold door installation. Our surveyor will discuss options with you and come up with ideas that complement your period home rather than jar with it. Remember, our doors come in 150 colours and are usually installed in the kitchen or dining room, not rooms that garnered much attention in the past as far as design is concerned.

Pre Victorian and bifold doors

Regardless of the period of your property, you may need consent for bifold doors if you live in a conservation area or if your home is listed. Normally, councils are more concerned with the front of the property, so bifold doors to the rear are unlikely to raise an objection, but you should check with your relevant local planning authority if unsure.

As you can see, bifold doors suit properties traditional or modern. Maybe you think we would say that, but if you check out our reviews and case studies, you’ll see not all installations are for modern homes.

If you’d like us to advise you on your home, the team would love to arrange a site visit. We fit bifold doors all over Surrey and London including Acton, Anerley and Ashford.

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