How to create an indoor/outdoor kitchen with bifold doors

Imagine if you had more space to enjoy your home without having to move. And imagine if that space was your kitchen. Being the heart of a house – installing bifold doors in the kitchen could open up all sorts of possibilities.

A second kitchen in your garden

Instead of being crowded in the one space, your patio and garden would become your new social outdoor cooking and eating space: your second kitchen, almost. Imagine it’s a sunny day, the doors flung aside, the barbecue coals heating up, the outdoor table laid with your best picnic set, and with just the salads to prepare from the comfort of your existing kitchen. The kids are playing happily outside and not under your feet or out of sight. All you need is for your invited guests to arrive. It might sound a bit idyllic, but something very close is possible if you consider fitting bifold doors.

The advantages of an indoor/outdoor kitchen

Play dates for your little ones would be easier and more fun to manage.  Maybe your kids’ parties could be at home and not at an outside venue. Perhaps your older kids could have their own barbecue (under adult supervision) and choose ‘their’ food to cook. Older relatives would cope better with your new one level set up too and even if wheelchair bound or find walking difficult, could roam from kitchen to garden at will. It sounds like a win-win for everyone.

What sort of barbecue?

This is of course is up to you and your lifestyle – there are almost as many barbecues to choose from as bifold door designs – from very simple ones using charcoal bricks to more sophisticated gas-fired ones.

Bifolds doors: perfect in all weathers

Imagine a whole wall of glass, flooding light into the room, being able to see your garden from every angle – and not just when standing up and near the window – and having the ability to make the most of our sometimes unpredictable weather. Looks like rain or feels a bit chilly? Just slide the doors closed in a trice. Sun’s out after a cloudburst? Glide the doors open and enjoy the sunshine.

And great though they are, bifold doors are not just for summer. Envisage watching the snowflakes falling from your cosy kitchen space while you enjoy a lazy breakfast. Bifold doors make the most of light during our short winter days and your existing kitchen will feel much bigger and transform into a more welcoming space, even with the doors closed.

How to install bifolds in the kitchen – the options

We suggest you invite us to undertake a complimentary survey. We can install doors to fit all opening sizes – you don’t have to have one wall of glass – but that is a very popular option. Keeping everything on one level is also a sensible choice as you get the ‘one big room’ feel but differing levels can still be fitted with bifold doors – we’d be happy to advise on our site visit.

One thing is for sure – you’ll wonder how you managed without bifold doors before and how much you enjoy your new indoor/outdoor kitchen.


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