Choosing the colour of your bi-folding doors

A range of colours for your bifold doors
If you’re renovating your house, or just updating the glazing, you can’t help but consider a modern set of bifolds. The space they create can transform the way a room feels, turning a dark and poky dining room into a vibrant open space.
One of the things you’ll need to consider is the colour of your bifolds. Windows used to be predominantly manufactured in white, but depending on the material that the bifolds are made from, you could have the choice of hundreds of different shades.
Metal vs Plastic
Bifold doors are manufactured in metal and plastic, and there are a number of reasons to choose one of the other.
Aluminium is very easy to recycle, very strong and very light, so your bifolds can have much slimmer frames than their plastic counterparts. Plastic, on the other hand, is cheaper, and with something as large as a bifold, the price point can be noticeably lower if you opt for uPVC.
Colour Choices
In terms of colour options, aluminium and uPVC both offer some choice.
uPVC comes in white (which is normally the cheapest in the range), plus a few other colours as dictated by your manufacturer. This may include some wood grain effects that are as realistic as natural oak. You can also opt for two different colours, one showing inside and one showing outside. This lets you achieve clean, classic white from the kerb, with warming timber tones inside the home.
Aluminium windows are even more versatile, and there are hundreds of colour choices available. These are often referred to as RAL colours, and manufacturers often provide a small selection as standard, or a much wider selection for special order.
Go for a daring, vivid red or blue, or tone your bifolds with brick and opt for sandy orange. For many customers, industrial grey is the most desirable option.
Things to Remember
When choosing the colour of your bifolds, think about:
• Length of occupancy; don’t be too crazy if you plan to sell your home soon. Buyers appreciate neutral tones, and may not be impressed with fluorescent pink bifolds
• Think about the way your house looks and decide whether you want to replace other windows. You will get a better result if you match, or coordinate, your bifolds with the rest of the windows and roofline
• Consider the users of the property. A children’s nursery or café may be ideal customers for bright red bifolding doors, but you won’t be allowed them in a listed building
• Look around the room. It sounds obvious, but the bifolds will need to complement the existing room, and its décor. If you have wooden beams or timber window frames, a wood grain effect will be ideal. Try to avoid any combination that will be too jarring
Discussing the Options
Get more information about bifold doors when you contact Your Price Bifolds. These elegant, versatile doors are no longer a luxury product, and your perfect set could be installed in your home before the summer is over.

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