Choosing a Layout For Your Bifold Doors

6 panel bifold door configuration
Bifold doors are incredibly versatile, and they can completely change the way your home functions as a space. As well as giving you better visibility, they can transform the way you access the garden, and the layout of the doors plays a bit part in the way the space is used.
When considering bifold doors for a new installation, ask Your Price Bifolds about the various layouts you could have. This article will serve as a quick reference to the styles we often recommend.

Inward or Outward?

Bifold doors can stack in two ways. The panes can stack up outside, or they can stack inside the home. Regardless of the arrangement you have now, you might want to consider a different type of stack to change the way the space is used.
Inward stacking bifolds maximise patio space. They’re also very good for exposed areas where you often get increased windy and rainy weather. The downside is that they take away from usable space around the doors, so you are more limited as to where you place your furniture.
The reverse applies with outward stacking bifolds; more freedom to place furniture inside, but more exposure to the elements. In windy weather, it’s wise to keep the bifolds closed if they’re liable to move in a gust of wind.

Number of Panes

Bifold door panes come in different heights and widths, but there are standard sizes that we like to use, and that will often dictate how many leaves you have in the set. If you haven’t yet made the opening, or you have the option to extend it, you might want to alter the arrangement for a better result.
An even number of bifolds gives you a neat stack, but you lose the ability to have a single traffic door. Consider a 2-pane bifold vs a 3-pane, for example; the 3-pane gives you the option of having a single traffic door plus a 2-pane fold, but with the 2-pane only, you don’t have that opportunity.

Design and Frame

When weighing up aluminium bifold doors against standard uPVC, there’s more to consider than just cost – although this will be part of the process. Consider also the amount of visible glass, and therefore the amount of light. Aluminium framed bifolds are thinner, so the visible area is larger. This comes at a trade-off of considerably higher cost.
Aluminium bifolding doors can also be made in more colour options, with hundreds of potential choices. uPVC windows are a little more limiting, with standard white being the cheapest option. Balance the desire for crazy colours with the benefit of matching the doors with the rest of your windows; while red or purple sounds great, you might eventually decide white would look better.

Customising Your Doors

To design your bifold doors, it’s always best to chat with an expert during a site survey. They can tell you what kind of layout will work best for you, depending on the room, the garden and the way your family uses the outdoor space. Everyone has individual needs, and we’ll help you design doors that meet them. Call Your Price Bifolds for more advice today.


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