The Ultimate Guide to Buying Bifold Doors

Buying bifold doors is one of the best things you can do to enhance the value of your property. By connecting the house with the garden, you can enrich your lifestyle and help every member of the family get more enjoyment from your home.
Ordering bifolds need not be complex; the trick is to know the possibilities. When you order with us, we’ll guide you through the process, so you won’t hit any problems along the way.

Step 1: What, Where, and How

The first step is to decide where your bifolds are go, what their function will be, and how they will serve your family. This will inform the rest of the process, so it’s important to get this right.

  • The size of the space where the bifolds will go
  • Whether you have any other ways to access the outdoors, and how this will affect the way the bifolds are used on a daily basis
  • Your existing windows, and whether you want the bifolds to match or contrast
  • Privacy, so that you can factor in blinds if needed

If you specifically want bifolds, chances are you want better outdoor access. Consider things like the direction the doors will fold, where they will split, and whether the doors will stack inside or out.

Step 2: Getting Quotes

Once you know what you want, it’s time to get a bifold door quote. We recommend that you get three quotes so you can be sure of choosing the right deal. Your Price Bifolds specialises in providing quality, affordable bi-folding doors, and we’d be pleased to give you a price without obligation.
During the quoting process, ask lots of questions – don’t just make a choice on price alone. How long will it take to manufacture the doors? What building work is needed? What kind of security is included, and is there a guarantee? What colour will the frames be – is there a choice?
It helps to be open to suggestions, since there may be a better way of designing the doors to meet your needs, and there are always lots of factors to weigh up.

Step 3: Confirming and Ordering

When you’re happy with the doors, you’ll be asked to pay a deposit and sign off the design and sizing. We recommend that you get an estimated date for installation at this point; it will be clarified later. If there’s any preparation to be done, now’s the time to get started.
On the day of the install, you don’t need to do anything, except clear all the furniture and ornaments from the install area. It also helps to clear the driveway to make it easier for the doors to be unloaded.

That’s It!

Once your doors are installed, you just need to maintain them by wiping them occasionally. Make sure the runners are kept clean, and close the doors in high winds to avoid any damage from movement. Pay special attention to your doors in winter to prevent any wearing or neglect.
We know you’ll love your new bifolds – and we’ll make the whole process simple and hassle-free.


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