Why Aluminium Bifolds Have Captured Our Imagination

Home owners and developers have latched on to the ‘outdoors indoors’ concept, and bifold doors have become commonplace as a result. As well as combining indoor and outdoor activities, bifolds let us enhance the home without building an extension.
Aluminium bifold doors have soared in popularity, after the slight decline of uPVC. Aluminium has a number of qualities that make it ideal for bifold construction, both in terms of its form and its function.

Why Aluminium Bifold Doors?

An aluminium bi-folding door instantly brings character and the individual touch to any home. Bifolds open up on side of the room to let the beauty of natural light in through the creation of a 90% opening, or even more. Aluminium bifold door frames are incredibly slim, giving you more view and less frame to get in the way.
Bifolding doors have a locking mechanism at one end and when operated, they seamlessly and smoothly fold back to the furthest edge of the frame. The leaves fold in a concertina and can be stacked internally or externally, and you can organise the panes in different ways, depending on how you want to access the garden. Aluminium can be coloured to give your home real personality, and you’ll never need to treat or repaint the frames.
Bifold doors are made from durable and lightweight high quality materials that can stand up to the outside elements of the British weather. They are designed to be opened and closed frequently, and by all members of the family. This means aluminium is ideal since it’s light and strong, framing the glass without adding bulk.

Increasing Popularity

In the past, opening up the house to the garden meant one of three options: either you installed narrow patio sliding doors, or opted for centrally opening French doors. There’s also the option of a cheap single uPVC door with a fixed pane next to it.
Whilst these do join the different areas together, they are still obtrusive.  A sliding door can only be opened on one side, and middle opening doors have doors that are always visible. Single-door uPVC styles are starting to look dated, and they don’t give you the best access either.
Bifold doors don’t have either of these issues as they open back on themselves to let the home breathe. The formation is is ideal for entertaining, family gatherings or having the sensation of working outside when the sun is shining whilst actually being sat using the computer in the study indoors.

Expert Fitters

Choose an aluminium door made and fitted by the professionals. Speak to Your Price Bifolds today. We’ve helped thousands of homeowners realise the full potential of their home and garden, developing aluminium bespoke bifolds for a range of domestic settings. Businesses also come to us to improve accessibility and appearance of shops and hotels.
When it comes to ordering aluminium bifolds, why would you choose anyone else? Our modern, stylish options cost less than you’d think. Call us today to find out more and get a free, no-obligation quote.


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