What Do Bifold Doors Cost?

Home improvements come at a cost, and everyone who owns a home faces the burden of maintaining it. When it comes to optional extras, some of us can afford to push the boat out; others are working to a budget.
Bifold doors are one of those features that look very expensive, and cash-conscious homeowners might think they’re out of reach. But there really is a bifold for every budget, and it’s quite easy to work out how much they cost.

Typical Factors

The typical price for a bifold door is made up of four major components:

Let’s step through one by one.
Pane size has to fall within certain limits to be safe and functional, and there isn’t a huge amount of flexibility. The narrowest bifold pane may be slightly too small to use as a traffic door, while a wider pane will feel more roomy if you need to nip in and out quickly. You may therefore have to balance the size of the pane with the number of panes in order to get the right functionality and price; consider different layouts and think about how they will work for you.
The frame material can also affect the price significantly. While uPVC bifolds are always the cheapest, you’ll economise most with standard white. Once you start looking at coloured uPVC frames, you might also want to compare cost with aluminium. One big advantage of aluminium is the bigger visible area thanks to the slimmer frame, and a generally more modern appearance compared to plastic.
As hinted above, colour does make a difference. Standard colours, like white, grey and black, cost less than wood grain effects or unusual hues.

Optional Extras

There are other factors that affect the price in a minor way, such as the types of handles and locks. Basic handles will be the cheapest option, but fancier accessories will cost more. If in doubt, pay for good security and economise on the handles you buy.
You may also get a choice of glass, and the addition of integral blinds can make bifolds more expensive. Finally, the fitting can vary considerably depending on your existing doors and any building work that needs to be done.

What Will You Spend?

In general, you will spend around £1,000 per leaf on your bifolds, bearing in mind the considerable variance due to materials and customisation. This price becomes more likely the larger the bifolds are. Remember that you’ll still pay a lot more for aluminium, and premium features will bump up the cost.
Looking at it another way, a small set of bifolds need not cost significantly more than a set of patio doors: anything from £1,500 to £3,500. A 5-leaf set could cost something between £5,000 and £8,000.
For the best price, and the most versatile design choices, speak to us here at Your Price Bifolds. We’ll get you a set of bifolds that work well for your individual budget.


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