Designing a Layout For Your Bifold Doors

Bifold doors are popular for their quality and great looks, and they’re versatile enough to be fitted in practically any setting. Bifolds can be installed in many different arrangements according to your home’s layout.
In this article, we’ll look at some of the configurations you might want to consider for your home.

Choosing the Number of Bifold Panels In Your Doors

Your Price Bifolds supplies bifold doors in standard sizes. That means that, to some degree, the configuration of your doors will be dictated by the size and shape of the opening. It’s common to see four doors, but we can fit as few as two bifold doors and as many as eight.
If our standard sizing does not suit your home, we can make custom panels to suit you. Custom configurations do take longer to make, though, so we recommend making an appointment with an installer in good time if you have an installation date in mind.

Direction of Fold

Bifold doors fold in a concertina type layout, effectively forming a zig zag when viewed from above. They slide back on runners and are held in the open position with magnetic clasps.
Some clients prefer to customise the doors so that the doors stack in a different way from our default layouts. You could have the opening positioned at the far end, either left or right, or split the doors so that the opening is in the middle or slightly off to one side. The latter option makes the bifold doors act more like a traditional door when partly open; handy for quick access to the garden. You can optionally have additional windows above your bifolds to let in even more light.
Customers can choose between internal and external openings, depending on the space available inside the home.

Finishes and Fittings

Your Price Bifolds supplies bifolds with different colour finishes, as well as white (to match ordinary white uPVC windows) and natural wood tones with beautiful, deep grain. The glass itself could be decorative or plain, and your installer can recommend styles that will match your existing doors and windows.
All doors installed by Your Price Bifolds have multipoint locks. We use only the finest fittings, hinges and handles, and you are free to customise them as you please.

Preparing a Design

Bifold doors offer superb thermal efficiency and are fitted to the exact measurements of your home. Once you’ve decided on your ideal layout, your installer can visit and go through your options so you achieve the perfect fit and the optimum layout. It’s important to be flexible so that you can consider their suggestions and adapt your original design.
Your Price Bifolds operates in the Surrey and London areas, and can supply free quotes over the phone. Contact us today and find out about the wide variety of products we offer. Regardless of your preferences and the layout of your home, there’s a bifold door layout to suit your needs perfectly. Just browsing? Don’t hesitate to visit our bifold doors showroom.


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