Checking the Guarantee on Your Bifold Doors

Checking the Guarantee on Your Bifold Doors
When you’ve made the decision to have bifold doors installed, you’ll be eager to have peace of mind at the end. You’ll want assurance that you’ve invested in doors that will last for many decades to come, and that they are safe, secure, high quality and durable.
You also need to know that, should you have an issue, you can contact the company you purchased them from and they will be happy to help and resolve the problem. When you get quotes, make sure you are comparing like with like.

Why a guarantee is important

Having a watertight guarantee means that when you buy your bifold doors you know you’re covered for every eventuality. That means that defects and poor workmanship will be put right, in the unlikely event of a problem. You need to make sure your bi-fold doors are working as expected, especially when you want to ensure your home is secure at all times.
A guarantee is important because you need to know that the doors have been sourced from high quality manufacturers. On the paperwork, you can see exactly what you’re covered for from the day they arrive on site.
Bi-fold door guarantees will also show you that you have a product that meets the required British standards for both build quality and safety. This is critical when you aren’t an expert in what you are buying and you need to know they’ve been passed as fit for purpose. It’s also essential to have as proof when you come to sell your house.
There’s always the unknown in life, and with a guarantee you can be covered for unexpected events. These will be detailed in the terms and conditions so you know that your rights are protected.

What to check for in your bi-fold door guarantee

The length of guarantee is important. Bi-fold doors that are of an excellent standard will be designed to last for many years or even decades, so be wary of guarantees of just a few years.
Look for the mention of safety standards, and also check out for the mention of industry bodies like FENSA. If your manufacturer is a FENSA member, you’re protected with highest industry standards. If they’re not, walk away.
The guarantee will guard against defects; check thoroughly to see that all common defects are covered as you don’t want to find something straight forward can’t be rectified quickly. On bifold doors, you need coverage for the glass and the track, just in case. Remember: you’ll be responsible for correctly using, maintaining and cleaning your bifold doors so these elements won’t be part of a guarantee, but material and workmanship problems should always form part of the details.
If you are employing a company to install your bi-folds check that the workmanship of the installation is also covered. The date of the guarantee should begin from the time of delivery or installation – this is dependent on whether you are installing them yourself or have employed a company to carry out the job for you.
Crossing the I’s, Dotting the T’s
Professional bi-fold companies will offer a guarantee which is thorough, transparent and offers the highest level of support. Your Price Bifolds includes a 20 year guarantee with all products, which is a long term promise in comparison to many others.
If you’re wanting a quality product installed by an experienced team, contact us for details. Our manufacturing and workmanship is top quality, and we have the paperwork to prove it.