How to Keep Bifolds Looking Beautiful Over Winter

Maintain your bifolds in the winter and they’ll be great in the summer
Over the last few weeks, we’ve been blessed with a bout of sunny weather that’s brought out even the most hesitant sun-worshipper. A stint of sunny weather is just the thing to shine light on those often-neglected window panes, bringing out the grit, grime and cobwebs for the first time since last summer.
Even though the weather is now warming up, it pays to get into a good maintenance routine, and this is a big part of keeping your bifolds looking great all year round. What can you do to ensure they don’t become dull and neglected?

Frequent cleaning

The runners on bifolds should be clear from grit and debris to ensure smooth, reliable operation. Every so often, vacuum the runners to ensure any dirt is removed. This is essential if you have gravel in the garden, but it also helps to pick out small pieces of garden debris that accumulate over autumn and winter.
It’s very easy to include this task when you vacuum the rest of the house; just run the hose around the track and pick out large items, like leaves, by hand. If you do this, you’re less likely to get unsightly problems, such as doors that lean or jerk as you move them.
On the inside, wipe the frames with a soft cloth or sponge every so often. If your doors stack internally, check that they haven’t picked up dust and dirt and run a duster around the top of the doors.


Bifolds can be washed like windows, and we recommend hiring a professional firm to ensure they stay streak-free and gleaming. Even if it’s been raining, keep on hop of the routine, since dirty windows can hide other problems (like accidental damage).
Ask your window cleaner if he or she will wash the frames as well as the glass to ensure they don’t look grimy and dirty. If you pick up stubborn marks, like bird droppings, don’t use abrasive cleaners. Either ask your window cleaner to tackle the dirt, or ask us for advice on safe products you can use.


Don’t neglect bifold maintenance in winter. You should ensure that the runners are lubricated so that the doors do not jam. Also, take care to protect the locks, since a broken lock will prevent safe operation.
If you notice a problem with your bifolds during the winter months, you might be tempted to put up with it until the spring when you’re using the doors more frequently. We strongly advise that faults are reported and fixed right away. Not only can a problem worsen when the doors are neglected, it may also mean that a fault cannot be fixed under warranty if it’s left for too long.

Think ahead

Bifolds are designed to require minimal maintenance, and if you’ve opted for self cleaning glass, you shouldn’t need to spend much time washing them, either. Need more information? Don’t hesitate to give Your Price Bifolds a call.

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