Maintaining and Fixing Bifold Doors

Bifold doors are a great investment, but a big part of their longevity is down to the installation. If professionals have installed your bifolds, there’s a good chance you’ll never experience problems. All you’ll have to do is wipe the surfaces with a damp cloth and vacuum the runners to remove any debris.
When bifolds are not professionally installed, owners tend to run into more complex problems with alignment and other matters. While we’d always recommend getting a professional to have a look, there are a few things you can do to improve the situation.
Remember: bifold doors are a huge investment, so any DIY project should be approached with extreme caution. A mistake could damage the doors, render them insecure or potentially stop them from closing, and it would almost certainly invalidate the warranty of the doors. If you have any doubts about the fix, or you’re not confident with your skills, you must contact Your Price Bifolds for advice before embarking on any DIY bifold door repairs.

Maintaining Bifold Doors Is Easy

Bifold Doors Feel Stiff Or Sticky

If your bifolds are stiff, it may be a simple problem with the lock dragging on the door frame. This may cause the doors to stick as they are opened and closed. You can sometimes fix this by making a small adjustment to the lock without having to call an installer.
If the doors do not look true and straight, the issue could be with the frame being slanted or misshapen. In this instance, a DIY fix is rarely recommended and it’s best to call out a professional.

Bifold Doors Loose and Wobbly

Bifold doors that are loose may have fallen off their track. If they haven’t, you may notice that the fixtures around the top or bottom of the door have worked loose and this is causing the door to swing slightly in its fittings.
Rarely, it could be that the track itself is bent, either due to an impact or because of something stuck in the runner.
Sometimes you can correct kinks in the track by bending the metal in the opposite direction using a blunt object. Be careful not to slip and damage the door frame. If the metal parts are clearly loose, carefully tighten the screws (being careful to aoid over-tightening) and see if your bifold doors start to glide again.

Dirt in Runners: the Dangers

Bifold doors are beautiful, and they require regular cleaning to stay that way. This isn’t just a matter of helping your bifolds look neat and tidy; it actually stops them from becoming damaged.
Regularly cleaning the runners stops small pieces of grit getting wedged inside and catching on the door. The longer the grit is there, the more compacted it will be come and the more difficult it is to remove. Catch this problem early by running your vacuum cleaner hose over the bottom of the doors.
While you’re vacuuming this area, give the hinges of each leaf a wipe with a damp cloth, and do the same with the rollers, just to make sure nothing is stuck.

Keeping Bifold Doors Perfect

Your Price Bifolds places great importance on installing bifolds that last a lifetime. With a little care and the right maintenance, you can help ensure your bifolds have a trouble-free life.



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