The Your Price Bi-fold Doors Team Goes Back to School

Preparing for bifold door installation
Amidst the fun and games of school, ensuring pupils’ safety and security is imperative. Our regular readers will be aware of the high-security features of our bi-fold doors and one of our latest ventures saw us install a Fire Exit bi-fold door at a special needs school in Wimbledon (SW19). Using one of our Origin bi-folds, we were able to transform our door into a fire exit using a specially fitted panic bar—a unique characteristic only available with Origin bi-folds. Here, we tell you how, in addition to ensuring students’ security, our doors offer a multitude of extra benefits which will enhance everyday school life.
Increased safety
Our fitted Origin bi-folds are footed with four aluminium wheels which run along a low threshold base track, meaning that the opening and closing of doors is smooth, simple and injury-free. During this installation, Your Price Bi-fold Doors also fitted a specialised panic bar, a unique feature only achievable with Origin bi-folds, transforming the door into a fully-operating fire exit and obtaining greater safety for students in the case of a fire.
More space
With increasing class numbers, finding extra space in school is essential. The low threshold base tracks that our bi-fold doors employ enable us to use space around the door more effectively, giving the impression of a large room; this ‘extra’ space and the level ground afforded by our doors is extremely practical for the transport of wheelchairs or other kinds of support machinery.
New view from inside the school
Better insulation and ventilation
As we move into winter and the cold sets in, it becomes an uphill struggle to maintain the warm conditions in school necessary for good work. Our Origin bi-folds are industry-leading in their thermal efficiency, exceeding British building regulations and making our doors resistant to the rough winter weather.
Inversely, in summer, warmer weather often produces sultry—even slightly smelly—classrooms, especially with the large, heavy doors typically found in schools which offer little or no ventilation. The efficiency of our doors enables them to offer much better ventilation and some respite for students when the summer months come back around.
Completed bifold door installation
The installation of our doors is an investment that will bear fruit for this Wimbledon school over the years to come. As well as reducing electricity bills because of their thermal efficiency, our doors are extraordinarily low maintenance, being made from a high grade aluminium that eliminates the need for replenishing your doors with paint and varnish top-ups. In fact, our supreme confidence in the quality of our doors sees us offer all our customers a 20-year guarantee.
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