5 Security Features On Bifolding Doors

Bifolding doors can transform a room instantly. They create space, add light to a room and create a seamless link between very different spaces.

Often, the biggest worry our clients have is security. Before we’re given the go-ahead to manufacture bifold doors, customers want to know whether they will be as safe and secure as a more traditional door.

The innovation that comes with this contemporary door means you can be sure that you achieve the same level of security as you would with other doors. Bifolds shouldn’t be a stumbling block for you getting what you want.

Here are five important security features to look for.

1. 8 Point Locking System

Bifolding doors offer complete peace of mind that your home and family are safe and secure. The locks on our exterior bi-folds have an 8 point locking system to ensure uncompromising security.

We can also provide bifold doors that conform to Secured by Design standards. These standards have been reviewed by the police.

Throw in two deep throw hooks and anti-lift bars at the top and bottom, as well as large shoot bolts, and this locking system offers incredibly robust security, giving you peace of mind that your property will not be vulnerable.

2. Strengthened Frames

Even though there may be much less steel (and much more glass) in a bifolding system compared to patio doors, the frames of bifolds are engineered with high strength material. When closed, they provide a strong boundary and deter potential thieves from trying to break in through the doors.

Additionally, the high grade materials used to construct the doors means they require minimum maintenance.

Choosing doors with the most durable powder coating available on the market means you’ll eliminate the need for periodic painting and varnishing, retaining both the strength and good looks of your bifolds.

3. Strengthened Glass

With bifolding doors, you are essentially replacing a wall with glass. It’s important to remember that the whole fitted system is surprisingly strong, and the panes themselves are made specifically for this setting.

Many bifolds can be manufactured with a number of glass options that offer various benefits including improving energy efficiency, decreasing heat loss and lower energy bills. At the same time, the glass used is incredibly strong and durable. Choose reinforced glass, and make sure your manufacturer uses shatterproof materials.

4. Alarms

Just as you would fit an alarm on a traditional door, you can fit alarms to bifolding doors too. Alarms ensure your home is secure when the doors are fully closed and locked, giving you that extra peace of mind.

5. Finger Safe Doors

With all the hinges involved in a bifold system, there is often concern that family members and visitors are in more danger of trapping fingers in the joints. We manufacture doors with an optional finger safe mechanism between each panel. That means there are no open edges, and no gaps for even the tiniest of fingers to get trapped.

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If you are thinking about getting bifolds but want to find out more about security, we’re happy to help. Speak to our expert team at Your Price Bifolds to see what will work for you.



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