Design Tips for Creating a Brighter Living Space

The living area in your home is usually where you, your family and your guests spend the most time together, so for many of us, we’d like our living room to feel bright, welcoming and comfortable. Once the right design elements are in place, your living room can be as fresh and airy as a spring morning no matter the season, making a great year-round space for entertaining. We have a selection of some great examples of how beautiful bifold doors can make your home look.

Lots of natural light

The first and most critical step to achieving a brighter living space is to allow as much natural light into the room as possible. To do this, remove heavy curtains or window coverings in favour of Venetian blinds that can be left open or lifted to allow as much light into the room as possible. Sheer, very light curtains can also brighten up the room.
Bifold doors are also one of the best ways to flood any room with natural light, instantly bringing the brightness of the outdoors into your living space. In the warmer months, the panels of the bifold doors can be folded to the side, completely opening the room up and making it a bright and refreshing space. In the colder months, high-quality bifold doors like those supplied by Your Price Bifolds feature sleek, discreet designs with floor-length glass panels so your living space can enjoy the same light, airy feel even when the doors are kept shut.

Light colours, reflections and clean lines

When it comes to choosing the right colour schemes, opt for neutrals like white, light grey, and beige. Incorporating brightly coloured accent pieces will complement these softer shades and contribute to the spring-time atmosphere, as will natural materials like light wood and bamboo.
Decorative mirrors and reflective surfaces automatically make any space feel larger and brighter, as they reflect the natural light coming in. White tiles or marble flooring will have a similar effect, and glass coffee tables, furniture or shelving will further brighten up the space.
For furniture, select pieces with sleek, contemporary lines in light colours and remember to keep the room clutter-free. Only add essential furniture to keep your room feeling open and spacious.

Get the light right first

Importantly, as natural light is critical to creating the fresh, summery atmosphere of a bright living space, opening up the room as much as possible is essential before taking the next leap of changing your room’s entire décor. Without the abundance of natural light that bifold doors and lightly covered windows allow for, redoing your living space with light colours, minimalist furniture and lots of reflective surfaces can result in a room that’s too neutral. The natural light adds vivacity and energy to the space, making it bright and pleasant rather than over-simplified or dull.

If you’d like to find out more on how Your Price Bifolds can help open up and brighten your living space with bespoke bifold doors in a range of sizes and styles, contact us today.



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