Why Bifold Doors are a Savvy Investment

Bifold Doors – Increase the value of your property
Bifold doors are widely known for their aesthetic appeal, featuring stylish contemporary designs that can transform any space. However, they also offer a host of financial benefits that may sometimes be overlooked; that’s why we’re putting the spotlight on how bifold doors can enhance your home and your finances, giving more value for money than you could ever imagine.
Increased property value
Simply freshening up your home with a coat of paint and new finishes can have a major impact on the value of the property. However, these types of upgrades to décor naturally carry a slight risk, as prospective tenants or buyers may not share your sense of style. On the other hand, fitting bifold doors instantly modernises any space by creating an open-concept design that makes rooms feel larger and more airy, filled with natural light. Bifold doors also allow for sweeping views of the outdoors and easy transition to the garden or deck—features which are highly sought-after in today’s property market.
Furthermore, the versatility of bifolds means they can easily upgrade your home without the need for a full-scale redecorating or redesign job. At Your Price Bifold Doors, we offer two-door to eight-door bifolds in over 150 different colours and a wide range of styles, so there are bifold doors to suit any space and any décor. It’s a simple investment that will reap substantial rewards and last a whole lot longer than a coat of paint.
Reduced energy bills
Made with top-quality thermal breaks and weather-tight seals, the bifolds at Your Price Bifold Doors come with a certified U-Value of 1.3 W/(m2K), exceeding British Building Regulations for thermal efficiency. As a result, our bifolds prevent any drafts or cold air from entering your home, and act as an effective seal against rain or melted snow that could seep in under traditional doors and cause significant damage to flooring or carpeting. By helping to keep the cold out, bifolds ensure you’re maintaining low heating bills; then, when the weather heats up, bifolds can be opened out to keep your home cool, fresh and well-ventilated, eliminating the need for air conditioning and fans. So no matter the weather, bifolds are hands-down the most energy efficient doors available.
Low maintenance costs
Made by Origin in the UK, all of our doors are monitored and quality-tested by our expert team to ensure optimum weather resistance and durability. This standard of quality means there won’t be any high recurring maintenance or repair costs, making our bifold doors a one-off expense that is balanced by reduced energy bills and increased property value. With our 20-year guarantee, you can also rest easy knowing that your investment is well protected for the long run.
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