Is Your House Too Small For Bifolds?

Choosing new glazing for your home is exciting. Whether it’s for a new build, a renovation project or an upgrade for your existing property, deciding to have new windows and doors is a unique opportunity to give the building a very individual look and character.
A fairly new entry to the UK market – and one that is quickly gaining popularity – is the bifold door. Bi-folding doors are increasingly being installed instead of sliding doors, especially onto garden areas. They work by folding back on themselves to give a huge spatial opening, allowing you to integrate the outside world as a seamless part of the home.
Bifold doors can look quite dominant, so we’re often asked if a home can be too small. Here’s our view.

Understanding the Mechanics of a Bifold Door

Bifold doors are a marvel of engineering and design. They consist of a number of glass-framed panels that fold back in a concertina-style formation to reveal a large, open space. This can make a small property feel much more open.
Bifold frames are often made from aluminium, and so don’t have any kind of expansion or contraction issues during weather changes. This means they will always open and close smoothly, no matter what the great British winter has to throw at us. Aluminium is strong, too, so the frames won’t warp over time, and the slimline frames make the most of the view – even in a small space.
Installing a bifold door transforms the look and feel of a home. Within seconds, the whole garden, countryside or sea views from the property can be instantly combined with the inside of the property. Bifolds are a great way to provide sociable areas for family get occasions where the space really adds to the event or occasion.

Risks and Requirements

A bifold door really is a flexible choice for a modern home, and even a tiny flat can incorporate some kind of bifold design and there are many configurations available. These doors are perfect for small city gardens.
It’s possible to have a bifold that measures less than two metres in width. The only restriction is when the opening is so narrow that the doors start to bind against each other. As such, the absolute minimum width of a bifold door formation would be around 1500mm.  Naturally, you’d need to consider the number of leaves and whether two or three leaves will give you the desired effect. In our example, these panes would be around 700mm wide.
It’s also possible to have bifolds manufactured to a low height, such as 1600mm, which means that upper floors can open onto a balcony where previously windows were in place.

Risks and Requirements

All home improvements are a balancing act: budget is a consideration, as is space. Bifold doors increase space, but you need to make sure the investment will benefit you when it’s time to sell your home. For expert advice, and a quote for bifolds of any dimensions, ask Your Price Bifolds today.


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