Can I Have Bifold Doors in My Shop Front?

Can your customers access your store easily? If not, then bifold doors are your answer
When it comes to domestic home improvements, bifold doors are definitely in vogue. From stunning new build properties to classic Georgian buildings, the bifold door has its place in practically any house you can picture.
In commercial properties, the bifold door is more than an enhancement to the way space is used. It can make a massive difference to your client’s enjoyment of a store, and can therefore transform their impression of your premises.
In retail, the bifold door could change the way your customers see your products in a very literal way.

Transforming a Shop Front With Bifolds

Your shop front is literally a window into your world, and it could be the first contact your customer has with your business. If the windows are small, and the shop front looks dark, it won’t draw the eye inside. Your customer wants to see exactly what they are getting, and you need to make it easy for them to do so.
Bifolds help your customer to enjoy your store in two ways. Because bifolds are made with full-length glazed panes, they allow a huge amount of natural light into your shop, which always shows off goods at their best. Secondly, the large doors can be opened wide to ease access, which makes it easier for shoppers to move around at busy times.
Bifold doors are also a boon in different weathers, and across the seasons. In winter, your bifold doors will help to illuminate the inside of your shop, and they’ll give passers by a clear view of the goods you’ve got inside. In summer, you can throw the doors open and invite people to come in and browse. Bifold doors really do give you the best of both worlds.

Practical Benefits for Retailers

Your Price Bifolds can produce bifold doors in a range of colours, from standard white to wood grain, and from subtle greys to neon tones. Powder coated aluminium gives the doors a smart, modern look, with a finish that will last a decade or more.
All of our bifolds are weather proof, and come with runners that let the doors glide with ease. The doors stack safely inside or outside your premises, and the toughened safety glass keeps your staff and customers safe.
Your bifold doors will also be made to fit your individual store front. That means we’ll ensure a snug fit, with a layout that works for you. Choose a split on either side, or in the middle, to make access easy and quick.

Get Your Price Today

Bifold doors are the upgrade that your retail store deserves. Attractive, modern and durable, they promise longevity and ease of use for years to come. We’ve installed stunning bifolds in hotels, coffee shops and retail outlets, and we specialise in quality installation.
Your Price Bifolds has supplied quality, affordable bifolds to hundreds of trade customers. If you’re ready to upgrade your shop front, or you’d like to talk through your options, contact us for a quote today.

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