Why Argon Gas Could Make Your Bifolds More Efficient

Most people understand the principles of double and triple glazing, and why one or the other is standard in most British homes. But many people don’t understand fully how windows and doors become energy efficient. You might have heard about U-ratings, but what exactly are they? And how can one bifold be more efficient than another?
Clearly, bifold doors replace a large expanse of brick with a large expanse of glass, and that means you need to get the most efficient product possible. The answer could be a special type of gas that offers superb insulation.
Energy efficient bifold doors that use Argon gas

About Argon

Argon gas is an inert gas. It’s one of a few different gases used in the production of windows – xenon and krypton are also used, although they are rarer.
A high proportion of double glazed units are filled with argon between the panes. The main purpose is to improve insulation. This works because argon has a low conductivity; it does not allow heat to pass through, because it does not transfer energy particularly well.
The main reason argon is common is because it’s the least expensive. So while other manufacturers may offer you a different solution, we think argon offers an acceptable compromise between price and performance.

Argon in Double Glazing

Argon gas is ideal for British homeowners, since it’s economical to fill the types of windows required by Building Regulations. It’s pumped directly into the gap between the panes when it’s sealed. Despite being optional, we always recommend it.
Critics will claim that argon leaks from windows. While it’s true that some amounts of gas leak from the frame, this is very unlikely to be noticeable. Over the lifespan of a set of bifolds, we would expect less than one quarter of the gas to leak. This normally results in a drop of U-value of a fraction of a tenth in a decade, so nothing to worry about.
The best way to ensure your bifolds do not leak argon gas is to have them properly installed and regularly maintained. Also, make sure they always run smoothly and are not twisted. If you don’t maintain the bifolds, you may notice a tell-tale sign of a gas leak: condensation or ‘fogging’ between the panes.

The Complete Package

To make sure your bifolds are energy efficient, we manufacture them to prevent or restrict heat transfer. Every component – including the frame – is made in such a way as to boost insulation.
Within the frame, we use warm edge spacer bars. And low-e glass has special coatings that keep heat inside the home. Low-e is specifically designed to stop the transfer of heat through the pane, so it works beautifully with argon as a complete efficiency solution.

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At Your Price Bifolds, we aim to maximise your return on investment while charging a fair and affordable price. For more information about argon gas and energy efficiency, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

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