How We Measure For New Bifold Doors

How to measure your bifold doors
Getting good quality bifolds is essential if you’re to benefit from their reliability and security. But that’s only half of the story. When we install bifolds, we know they’ll fit snugly into the frame because we’ve taken exactly the right measurements beforehand.
Some of our customers already have an opening from patio doors, and we can fit bifolds straight into the same opening, if it’s wide enough. Other customers need us to create a brand new opening from scratch, which is where builders can help getting the preparation right.
So how do we decide which size to make?

Measuring the height

The height of your bifolds will depend on the design of the bottom part of the frame. This is something we’ll talk to you about during the survey.
You can have the track sticking up slightly, or – in some cases – set flush into the floor. If you’re concerned that the cill is going to stick up and get in the way, we can turn it into a ramp so that people can easily get pushchairs or wheelchairs over it.

Width and design

The width of your opening will determine the styles of door that are available to you. Bifolds in small apertures designed for patio doors (around 180cm) tend to have two panes, so you’ll have to decide which side you want them to stack. In larger apertures, you can have additional leaves.
Deciding whether to stack inwards or outwards is important. Outward stacking lets you put more furniture near the doors, but it may not be ideal if you have kids running in and out from both sides of the door.
Likewise, if access is important, you can have the split in the doors placed on one side, so you effectively have a single back door that opens and closes normally, and the stacking panes on the other side.

Minor adjustments

When we measure, we add a certain amount of tolerance to make sure we can get the doors into the opening. This is no more than 1cm.
We’ll also check that all walls are straight, and strong enough to hold the glass in your bifolds. Naturally, many openings are not totally square, but that’s not a problem. However, it’s important to get the experts in to measure the opening correctly.
Finally, we’ll take down any special requirements: handle colours, child-safe hinges and the colour of the frames. If you want a bold colour, aluminium is the best choice, since we can customise the frames to a greater degree than plastic or wood.

Supply and fit

Bifolds that get stuck or won’t close can be a huge security risk, and a headache that you and your family can do without. For the best results, choose Your Price Bifolds for the supply and fit of your new bifold doors. Our professional team will ensure you get a result you’re delighted with, and we’ll be here to help if you have any questions once your brand new doors are installed.


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