Three Businesses That Can Benefit From Bifold Doors

Bifold doors are now highly sought-after by homeowners and interior designers because of the many benefits they bring to any space. It is this versatility, paired with their undeniable aesthetic appeal and practicality that has made bifold doors so popular in homes and commercial spaces alike. At Your Price Bifold Doors, we optimise the versatility of bifold doors by offering them in a range of colours and styles, with a variety of different configurations to choose from. To further showcase the versatility of our high-end bifold doors, we’ve highlighted three different spaces for which these highly versatile doors are particularly suited, providing both elegance and functionality.


Not only are bifold doors a brilliant way to open up a space and allow guests to appreciate spectacular panoramic views, but they also give hotel rooms and lobbies a wonderfully modern feel, in line with popular open-concept design trends. Ideal for leading onto open terraces, these top-of-the-range doors allow guests to enjoy the fine weather of the warmer months while the floor-to-ceiling glass panels will still display beautiful views in chillier seasons. In addition to the al fresco atmosphere created by bifolds, they can also be used to easily expand a hotel entryway, transforming it into a welcoming reception area to greet guests upon arrival.

Beauty salons

In a beauty salon, space and natural light are crucial to the look and feel of the workspace. Bifold doors maximise both of these features, making any salon feel more airy and inviting. Bifolds are also particularly useful for salons, as they help ventilate fumes from hair or nail products, keeping the air fresh and clean for both customers and staff.

Coffee shops

Fitting bifold doors to coffee shops isn’t just beneficial in terms of adding style and space—it’s also great for business. On warm days, bifold doors can open up, doubling the space available to customers, as tables can spill out onto the pavement, naturally creating a relaxed summertime feel. Alternatively, if bifold doors are shut during the cold months, customers can still look out onto the snow-sprinkled charm of a winter’s day from the toasty comfort of the indoors, as bifolds offer exceptional thermal efficiency.

Low maintenance, secure and durable, bifold doors are an investment in style, practicality and comfort, no matter the building. To find out more on how our doors can transform your work or living space, call Your Price Bifold Doors today on 0203 874 5166, complete our online form.



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