How to Order Bifold Doors

So you’ve made the big decision to order bifold doors for your home. We understand that you want to make the best of your investment, improve the value of your property and make your indoor space more usable for the whole family.
Here’s a quick guide to ordering your bi-folding doors and making the best of your investment.

Ordering Bifold Doors: How it Works

Bifold doors are designed to offer the maximum possible durability and longevity. Our quality bifolds offer a flush fit, extremely high thermal efficiency and the ability to completely open up your living space. To get the best possible result, you’ll need to engage the professionals.
A specialist installer will visit your home and measure up, taking into account the cost of removing and disposing of the existing sliding or patio doors, if you have them. Our doors are made to predefined sizes, although we can make bespoke bifolds to order. Whatever you choose, remember that professional installation is the only way to ensure your doors last. Our bifolds are protected by a 20-year guarantee, but only when fitted by a professional.
Good quality bifolds can be ordered in a range of finishes. Your installer will help you to match your doors to the windows and doors you already have. If you’re having other windows and doors replaced, they’ll help you choose a new look that won’t look out of place.
After installation you shouldn’t need to invest much money in maintenance. However, developing a relationship with a local folding sliding doors installer will ensure you have a reliable contact if you have questions after the installation is complete.

Repairs and Maintenance

Despite the best care and intentions, bifold doors can suffer damage from wear and tear or accidents, particularly if you have children and animals running in and out of the garden.
Over time, the folding mechanism may need to be adjusted if a small gap develops, although this is rarely a big problem if caught early. It requires a small adjustment, and can be resolved in a short maintenance appointment.
One of the most common accidents we see is a door that has come off its runners when someone has been too rough when opening it. It’s difficult to pull a door away from the runners in this way, but it can happen. We recommend calling Your Price Bifolds and having one of our installers mount the door and check that everything is aligned. Don’t force the door yourself or you could deform the metal parts.
Runners also occasionally get small particles of grit stuck into them. If this happens, use your vacuum cleaner’s smallest attachment to clear the runner. You may need to gently nudge particles to free them, but do not use screwdrivers, hammers or other items that could damage the runners. If your doors won’t close at all, contact your installer as soon as possible.
In all cases, the parts for the repair of bifolds are inexpensive, and it’s better to have a professional take a look than risking a DIY repair that damages the frames.



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