How to Modernise Your Home With Folding Doors

What’s your favourite modern building? Perhaps it’s the Shard, with its panoramic views of London, the Guangzhou Finance Center in China or the record-breaking Burj Khalifa. These buildings are all skyscrapers, of course, but they also prove the importance of cutting edge glazing in modern architecture.
TV shows like Grand Designs emphasise the importance of creative glazing on a far smaller scale. So how can you achieve this stunning, minimalist look in your own home, using just glazing?
The answer is folding doors: huge expanses of glass that create a connection with the outdoors. These doors are our speciality, and we’re immensely proud of the products we manufacture.

How Folding Doors Work

Folding doors are modern without looking out of place in traditional properties. They’re a great alternative to traditional patio doors that sometimes fail to let in a great deal of light. With a folding door, you can move the entire door out of the way, folding them with a concertina effect. You can also open just one or two if you prefer.
The idea is to create an airy effect in your home in while complementing existing uPVC windows and doors. With folding doors from Your Price Bifolds, you could achieve as much as a 90 per cent clear opening in your room – ideal for dining rooms and kitchens. That means folding doors offer your family almost the same view as a huge window or completely open space.
Our folding doors roll easily on their runners, too, so even the largest sections are easy to open and close without huge effort. When opened, the doors are designed to neatly stack against the door frame. Quality fixtures and fittings will fit in with your existing hardware and give your folding doors smooth, clean lines and a premium appearance.

The Benefits of Modern Glazing

Large glazed doors used to have a reputation for letting in a draught, but those days are long gone. Modern folding doors are designed for the best possible security and thermal efficiency. You can optionally choose extra coatings that optimise the insulation of the glass.
We fit a multipoint locking system and high security hinges to all folding doors, and all key cylinders are made to resist break-ins from drilling. We can also produce doors in a wide range of finishes, including bright colours, modern greys or natural, classic wood, so your folding doors will never look out of place.
And unlike old-fashioned sliding doors, ours need next to no maintenance. An occasional wipe with a damp cloth is all they need. A small amount of water will keep the doors running freely and stop small objects getting caught in the runners.

Ready to Modernise?

Folding sliding doors from Your Price Bifolds will improve the value of your property and are guaranteed to last for 20 years. Now you can achieve that Grand Designs ‘outdoors indoors’ appearance for an affordable price.
If you’re interested in modernising your home and making the best use of your garden, you can fill in our quick quote form.

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