Using Bifold Doors to Boost Your Business

Bifold doors are one of the most popular additions to modern homes and can be installed in almost any location, from traditional dining areas to modern conservatories. Affordable bifold doors can also be of huge benefit to businesses as they offer superb security and a flexibility that other types of doors cannot match.
In this article, we’ll cover some of the reasons to have bifolds installed in a business premises.

Restaurants and Coffee Shops

Most family restaurants now offer indoor and outdoor seating with play areas for children. By fitting bifolds in your pub or eating space, you can link the two areas, making it easier for families to dine and easier for your staff to serve them. Even with the bifolds closed, the huge expanse of glass will create up to 95 per cent visibility between the two dining areas – a fantastic feature that diners love, even in winter.
In a coffee shop, bifolds will open up even the smallest store and link it with the pavement outside; ideal if you have seating on the pavement, or a bar across the window area. With the bifolds open, your store will instantly seem more appealing to passing customers, and customers can enjoy their coffee with a full, uninterrupted view of the bustling street outside.
For cafes, restaurants and coffee shops, bifold doors also allow better ventilation than other types of windows. Over summer, this can help to regulate temperatures inside the building, and business owners are able to cut back on the air conditioning needed to keep all occupants at a comfortable temperature.
In winter, bifolding doors provide excellent thermal efficiency so that customers feel warm and cosy as they enjoy their drink or meal.

Shop Fronts and Showrooms

Just as bifolds work well for coffee shops, retailers can also benefit from the wide, open space they create. Installing bifolds into a shop makes the inside more visible and welcoming to passers by.
Bifold doors also make small shops more appealing on warm days by making them feel airy and bright. By bringing the outside in, you could attract more passing trade.


Hotels use bifolds in restaurant areas and terraces to create a contemporary, unified space, but another very popular use is the area around a swimming pool. The versatility of bifold doors allows pool areas to be opened up in good weather, giving swimmers the pleasing benefit of natural sunlight and a cool breeze. Bifolds can be supplied in aluminium, timber or uPVC, so every hotel can select a design to suit the existing windows, doors and external appearance.

Ordering Bifolds for Business

Bifold doors can offer up to double the visibility between indoor and outdoor areas and could greatly improve the appeal of your premises. Your Price Bifolds offers a 10-year guarantee on all of its bifolds and can secure some of the very lowest prices in Surrey and South London. To get a quote for business bifolds, telephone Your Price Bifolds now on 0208 640 0380.


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