Transform Your Home With Interior Bifold Doors

Bifold doors can be fitted in any part of the home
Changing the way the inside of your home looks will always give it a new feel. If it’s time for a change of scenery, you can achieve great things by painting and decorating rooms, buying new furniture or installing new lighting. But unless you make a really big change to the layout, your rooms will still feel the same size.
Interior bifolds completely change the way your home looks and feels. They seamlessly join spaces to give more room for day to day living, and can also turn previously small areas into much larger ones and can help bring light into dark areas of the property. You can achieve all of this without losing the feel of two separate rooms.

What are interior bifold doors?

Interior bifold doors are a series of framed, glazed panels, much like external window panes. They vary in length, the number of panels and the height – all dependent on the opening you’d like to create.
Made from the highest quality thermally insulated units, bifold doors either open in the style of French doors for the smaller sizes, or more usually concertina back to give a huge expanse of space which will change the way you live. All are durable and designed for daily use.
Bifold doors can be fitted flush to the floor so give the impression of the two rooms really being as one. They can include interior blinds or a sliding screen for privacy. The material for the blinds can be tailored to your choice and design, and will come complete with an operating system so they can be opened and closed either individually or all at the same time.
The mechanism for a bifold door is a technological breakthrough in the industry. The panes slide elegantly and quietly back and there is very little maintenance required – just dust or wipe with a damp cloth and they’ll look as new for years to come.

Matching Décor

Bifold doors are truly personalised as you have a range of configurations to choose from; fully opening or part opening, it really is up to you how they work. There’s also a beautiful palette of frame colours available so you can match the doors to the rest of your home.

Reasons to Buy

Interior bifold doors can join two – or more – rooms together. In a small home, this really opens up the possibilities of a larger living area rather than having tiny rooms that are shut off from each other. If you entertain a lot, or have a large extended family, bifolds could help you use the space more effectively.
Larger spaces are also easier to move around in. Letting children run without the restriction of walls, they won’t all feel crammed into one room, and they can enjoy the full extent of the home to play in.

Discuss your ideas

If you’re looking to really change your home, talk to Your Price Bifolds. We can arrange for a quote for internal bifolds, perhaps to match your existing external set. Whatever you want to achieve, we can help you make it happen.


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