Fitting Blinds to Bifold Doors

So… you’ve made the exciting decision to have a bifold door installed. After months of measuring, debating and trying to imagine the doors, you’re excited to see them in situ.
Bifolds really do change the way spaces are used, both internally externally, and can extend the use of the garden well beyond the summer months. Your bifolds will give you many more options for entertaining and enjoying the whole of where you live – not just the space inside.
The big, beautiful panes of glass give your bifolds their impressive structure, but what about night time and winter time? You might not want everyone looking directly into the house, and that includes both friends and foes. In order to keep your home private, you’ll need blinds, and it’s best to consider blinds before installation – not after.

Benefits of Blinds on Bifold Doors

If you’ve had bifolds installed without thinking about privacy, you’ll probably end up using curtains. There’s nothing wrong with this in theory, but curtains can get in the way when the doors are open, and they’re prone to getting trapped, which can damage the mechanism or simply cause inconvenience.
Your Price Bifolds, based in Surrey, recommend integrated blinds that are installed into the panes themselves. These blinds benefit from bring shielded from draughts, dirty shoes and the occasional flying football, so you don’t need to worry about having them taken down and washed.
Blinds are sleek and let you fine-tune the amount of light that comes in. They also allow you to shield certain areas while leaving others open, giving you more control over your privacy.
Some designs let you have a blind in each frame that can be controlled as a self-contained unit. Others can be operated with a timer, so you’ll know that your property has extra protection, even while you’re somewhere else.

Options and Styles

The style of blind you choose should fit your overall design theme,s as well as your lifestyle requirements.
Electric blinds are fitted as integral items into each pane of glass and are a seamless part of each framed cassette. They are operated with a remote control, which can either be supplied as a handheld unit or as a touch button wall-mounted unit.
Timer features mean that you can have the blinds smoothly open as the sun rises to give you a gentle wake-up call each day, or they can be programmed to open and close at set times so it seems the property is occupied to the prying eyes of burglars.
In terms of customisation, blinds can be made from numerous types of fabric and are available in every shade and pattern you can imagine. For those who don’t want a blind that fully blocks out the light, voiles can be used and will operate in just the same way to give a beautifully opaque look when lowered. Choose colours while considering the colour of your frames for a coordinated or contrasting look.
If blinds aren’t suitable, you can have screens fitted in bifold. For example, you might want an insect screen to keep flies out of kitchen spaces.

Experienced Fitters

Fitting blinds in a bifold is a job for experienced professionals. Speak to Your Price Bifolds today to understand all of the options available for your budget.


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