Can I Have Corner Bifolds In My House?

Bifold doors are a fantastic addition to a modern or period property. We’ve fitted bifolds in small semi-detached and terraced houses, as well as huge hotels and pools. Across the board, bifolds create a more airy, open space and a more convenient way to access the garden outside.
Many customers ask us if we can fit corner bifolds, where there are two sets of doors sitting at right angles to each other. The short answer to this is yes. However, there are different ways of installing corner bifolds, and you may need to compromise on your vision, depending on the style of your home.

Ways of using corner bifolds

You can have corner bifolds in practically any colour, and the finish is only limited by your imagination. You can have the same number of doors on both sides, or have fewer on the shorter side. A traffic door can provide quick access to the outdoors when you just need to pop out quickly.
When we plan corner bifolds, we also need to decide whether we are going to use a corner post where the bifolds meet, or have two walls that are completely open, with a ceiling that appears to float above them.
The second option looks much more impressive, but the corner post option is far simpler and cheaper.
The main reason for this is the overhang in the roof.
With a corner post, both sets of bifolds meet at a fixed corner piece, which means that the roof is still supported, and the doors simply slide into the corner piece to latch. This gives a great open feeling, as well as access to the garden from two sides. However, the corner post does get in the way of a clear, unobstructed view, particularly if it’s a brick pillar.
If you want a completely open effect, with no corner post in the way, this is a much more complicated challenge. Everything above the doors has to be fully supported, with the roof held up using a cantilever. Assuming this is possible, we then make the doors with a sliding corner post that can simply slide off to one side.

Things to think about

To install corner bifolds, you may need planning permission. Then, you need to consult an experienced builder, to find out whether your roof can be used with a cantilever arrangement. Any major structural changes are likely to be disruptive and costly, so you will need to factor this in before you go ahead and order the doors.
Consider also the privacy aspect of corner bifolds, and the way you use the internal space, to figure out where your furniture will go. In a small room, internal stacking doors may not leave much space to put furniture near the opening. In a large room, this will be less of a concern.

Expert help

If you’re looking for a corner bifolds installer, contact Your Price Bifolds for a quote. We’re experienced in supplying corner bifold doors and have worked on many complex installation projects. With the right planning, you can achieve a truly stunning result.

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