Maintaining Your Bifold Doors the Easy Way

It can be easy to maintain your bifold doors
Like uPVC windows, bifold doors are designed to be largely maintenance-free. If you choose plastic or aluminium, the frames will take care of themselves, but you still need to check your doors for damage.
This article describes simple ways to keep your bifold doors running straight and true. Occasional inspections can go a long way to stop serious problems taking hold.

Crystal clear views

If you have pets and little ones, the glass in your doors is inevitably going to pick up fingerprints and paw prints. Over time, glass also gets coated with fine dirt particles that can build up and make it look dull.
Ask your window cleaner to clean the bifolds as they clean your windows, giving the frames a wipe at the same time. On the inside, we recommend using plain soap (such as washing up liquid) and detergent – or a half vinegar, half water mix.
Some people swear by special glazing detergents and some clean glass with newspaper. Whatever you prefer, check that it’s suitable for use on plastic, and don’t use any harsh, abrasive cleaners. That means no cream cleaners, no Cillit Bang, and no coarse sponges or brushes.

Sparkling bifold door frames

Your window cleaner will usually wipe the frames down in the course of a normal clean. If you prefer to do this yourself, washing up liquid is fine. Work gently, and sweep the water downwards.
Again, don’t use harsh cleaners, and don’t use chemicals on the frames. Even on aluminium, you should only use a soft cloth, since scratches will remove the powder coating and strip the colour off the frame.
For stubborn, muddy marks, try using a ‘magic’ foam eraser, which is a small, white sponge available from most DIY stores and supermarkets. Cut off a chunk and rub gently, being careful not to grind any gritty substances into the glass.

Smooth runners

Bifold doors sit in a metal frame that supports the doors as they fold. Over time, tiny pieces of grit and organic debris can get stuck, which could stop the doors running freely.
Now and again, go around the frames with your vacuum hose to make sure all the little pebbles and grains are removed. This stops damage to the mechanism that could eventually cause your doors to fall off or get jammed.
This is normally all that’s required. If you need to add any products to help the doors glide, your installer will tell you. Call us if you’re not sure what to do.

Staying secure

As with any door, you’re only as secure as your locks, and that means keeping an eye on how the doors are opening and closing. The doors should never catch. Watch out for wear around the lock, and be immediately suspicious if the handle feels loose and floppy.
To keep keys turning smoothly, spray a little WD40 onto your key and turn it back and forth a few times.

Getting help

If your bifold doors are damaged, or you’re not sure how to clean them, contact Your Price Bifolds today. We can survey your bifold doors to see if you can have them repaired, check the guarantee, and advise you on the best way to maintain them in future.

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