Choosing the Right Material For Your Bifold Door

Choose the right material for your bifold doors
When you’re making your choice for a bifolding door, it’s vital that you consider all options before you choose the right material. The material influences the appearance of the door, the composition of the frames and the range of colours you can choose from.
There are plenty of options to wow you – from stylish and durable uPVC bifolds, to the slimmer aluminium bifold doors that allow you to choose from a much greater array of finishes. If you prefer your home to have a more nature-friendly appeal, then you could have a bifold door that includes timber elements.
This article will take you through all the different aspects that will govern your choice of the correct bifold door material that’s right for you.

uPVC bifold doors

uPVC bifold doors are strong and sturdy. There are typically available in the standard white finish, or you can plump for the option of having your door with a natural wood grain finish – for example natural oak, golden oak, walnut or mahogany. You can even select from a small range of colours when it comes to the natural wood grain finish.
If you want, you can have one type of finish on the internal side of your bifold door, and another type of finish on the external side. This will make sure that your uPVC bifold door will blend in seamlessly with the rest of your home’s décor, both internally and externally. If you have white windows already, uPVC is a sensible and affordable choice.

Aluminium bifold doors

Aluminium bifold doors have a great reputation for the ease at which they can be operated, and their reliability. Typically, aluminium bifold doors have a dual roller system at their bottom, coupled with rollers along the top that means they can be operated effortlessly, when coupled with the side-floating mullions, which are the vertical elements between each door panel.
When they are fully open, aluminium bifold doors stack up neatly together, thus ensuring that the maximum amount of space is exposed when you fold your bifold doors away. Many modern slim frame bifolds are made with aluminium frames, too.

Natural wood bifold doors

There’s no doubt that natural wood bifold doors truly have the ability to transform your interior space into an open area in line with the design of exterior aspects of your home, such as your garden or patio area.
Selecting timber as your bifold door material of choice means you are providing your home with something that is traditional with a modern twist. Natural wood also gives your room a very cosy feeling whenever your bifold doors are closed. You can also use natural wood bifold doors as internal doors to close off your conservatory from the rest of the house.

Consult the experts

Bifold doors are becoming increasingly popular as a home design option, and are seen as a must-have on make-over TV shows and periodicals dedicated to home design. If you make the correct decision when it comes to the material you choose from which you have your bifold doors constructed, you’ll bless your home with a unique and inspiring feature that allows the outside of your home to merge with your living space whenever you see fit.
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