Cost comparison—bi-fold doors vs. conventional patio doors

Why choose a bi-fold door for your property over a conventional door? Aside from the numerous aesthetic qualities offered by bi-fold doors and their ability to transform a space, there are multiple cost benefits of installing bi-fold doors. Whether you are building your new home or re-designing, the savings that can be made by installing bi-fold doors in your home are well worth the initial investment. Reduced power bills, better protection from the elements, increased security and minimal maintenance—bi-folds will protect your home, and your wallet!
Power savings
Lower your energy bills for heating and cooling by ensuring that your doorways and thresholds are effectively sealed—our bi-fold doors have advanced thermal breaks, preventing heat from escaping and stopping the cold from getting in. Opening up your bi-folds during the warmer months will also allow for improved ventilation.
Your Price Bifolds offers products that have an industry-leading standard of thermal efficiency. The bi-folds we offer are the best on the market, with a certified U-Value of 1.3W/(m2K), meaning that the doors exceed British Building Regulations.
Weather resistance
Having a patio that meets seamlessly with your living room can be a unique and favourable design aspect, but rain and melting snow seeping under your doors and onto your hardwood floors or carpets can be a real nuisance—not to mention expensive to replace or resurface! The superior weather-tight seals of Origin Bi-fold Door locking systems ensure the best compression for weather resistance, meaning you won’t have to spend money on repairs due to faulty door seals.
Our exterior bi-folds have an 8-point locking system to ensure the utmost security for you and your family. Our bi-fold doors even conform to police-preferred ‘Secured by Design’ standards, minimising your burglary risk and giving you peace of mind.
With Your Price Bi-folds, you won’t have to worry about costly door replacements a few years down the line—our bi-fold doors are quality tested and assured, right here in the UK, meaning that your bi-folds are guaranteed to be of the highest standard and will last for decades. Our low maintenance doors have the most durable powder coating on the market, eliminating the need for periodic painting and varnishing. In fact, we’re so sure that our doors will stand the test of time that we offer a 20-year guarantee to all our customers.
Property Value
Installing bi-fold doors in your home can extend your living space, add natural lighting and be a favourable design feature in any space. Providing both added security and power savings, this can be a valuable asset to your property, increasing the value of your home.
If you’d like to learn more about how bi-fold doors can save you money in the long run, and would like a quotation, please contact Your Price Bifolds today.


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