Dare to Be Different With Coloured Bifold Doors

Grey Bifold Doors
Bifold doors are a fantastic luxury for any modern home or business. However, when it comes to choosing the bifolds for your home people often stick to white, black or aluminium. It doesn’t have to be this way. Creating the perfect look for your home or business premises might mean being more adventurous with the decor. And in any modern business, it can pay to put a stamp of originality on your environment to give your property that vital wow factor.

Coloured Bi-folding Doors

In the home, people usually install white bifold doors because it they believe that people are looking for white windows when purchasing a property. While there’s something to be said for convention, going with the status quo might be a big sacrifice if you intend to lay down some roots and make the place truly yours.
Most homeowners install bifolds to make the most of the garden, or to make the house airy, but the bifold doors can be an impressive feature in themselves. Coloured bifolds stand out and really draw the eye, and the juxtaposition of bold colours with lush greenery can result in a truly breathtaking effect.
Bright red bifolds look great against red brickwork, both maintaining the colour scheme, and they’re also a great choice for children’s play areas. If you have a lot of greenery in your garden, why not bring they to your property with green bifolds that tone with the natural surroundings?

Build Your Brand

Cherry Wood Coloured Bifold Doors
When it comes to installing bifolds in a business premises, you can use colourful frames to reinforce your brand and make your property stand out. Bifolds look great in any building, from a corner cafe to a luxury hotel, and coloured bifolds are always worth the investment.
Purple bifolds look fantastic against wood panelling and would be a great look for a confectionery shop or cosmetics store, invoking a feeling of luxury and decadence. Blue bifolds are ideal for surrounding hotel swimming pools to inspire that aquatic feel. If you want to go for a really glitzy and glamourous feel, why not choose to fit a set of gold bifold doors? They can be as tasteful or as over-the-top as you require!
Everyone is different – everyone has their own unique tastes and colour preferences. When it comes to building a home or a business, you do not have to abandon your own preferences, so consider embracing a colour scheme which will make your property feel unique. Using bifold doors in a creative and intelligent way to create an impression and make the room feel truly yours.

Your Next Move

Coloured bifold doors add a great deal of luxury to a home or business, and can help to create a mood or set the scene. Coloured frames can help to reinforce a creative, impressive or welcoming atmosphere, and they give your property its own unique character, too. When it comes to impressing your neighbours or customers, a little bit of atmosphere goes a long way, whether in the comfort of your own home or boosting the appeal of your business.
If you are interested in installing bifold doors into your business premises, please take a look at our website and contact us for a quote. We’d be pleased to give you a quote for the addition of coloured frames to your standard bifold door order.

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