Bifolds or Sliding Doors: Which Should You Choose?

Bifold doors are now very popular. As house prices shot up, many homeowners chose to stay put and improve their existing properties, so we’re all benefitting from the higher standard of living, including a better use of space in the house and garden.

There are a number of ways to link the two environments. Currently, the most popular doors are sliding doors. However, there is now a growing move towards the use of bifolds; doors that fold back on themselves to open a large part of the side of a room.

So which would suit your home better?

Differences and Similarities

Sliding doors are large panes of glass that sit in parallel. Whilst they are able to cover very large space, you will always have at least 50 per cent of the opening covered by stacked panes. That’s the key difference.

Bifold doors offer more configuration and can be opened all the way to a 90% opening (or more), which gives the fullest effect possible of joining the outside and inside. If you have kids running in and out, or pets roaming around, the wider aperture will be beneficial and could be a lot safer.

Sliding doors work well with curtains as they slide horizontally. Whilst bifold doors could be caught up with a curtain at one end, they differ because they can have blinds installed. These blinds look very neat, and they can be remotely controlled. Read our bifold doors blinds guide.

While, sliding doors are a traditional replacement to windows and have been the first choice for many years, bifolds are now affordable enough to be a true alternative.

Counting Pros

Bifolds offer a number of benefits, including:

  • Flexibility to cover spaces from a metre and a half up to practically any size
  • Ability to turn corners, with or without a corner post
  • Unbeatable access
  • Sunken runners (in some scenarios) to make trips a thing of the past
  • Child-safe features, like hinges that won’t catch little fingers
  • Built in sections, making them easy to assemble when access is limited
  • Lockable panes which can mimic a single door

So why choose a sliding door? The main reason is to avoid the stacking shape, since the sliding door gives a compact and streamlined profile. Sliding doors may also need less structural work because the opening is supported in a different way. Sliding doors are slightly easier for a competent amateur to fit, but professional installation should be considered for all types of glazing anyway.

Making a Decision about Bifold Doors

Whilst sliding doors are an excellent product, bifolds give you a better link between exterior and interior, and a more versatile solution for all weathers.

The best way to make a decision on your own home is to talk to a company with experience with both new and traditional technologies and glazing techniques. Your Price Bifolds can help. The company has many years of working in domestic and commercial settings, and the trained team can install bifold doors for just about any requirement. Talk to us about your bifold doors today.

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