Bifolds and Kids: Staying Safe at Home

When we install bifold doors, we tend to work in the busiest area of the home: the exit. Kids are constantly coming in and out of the house in summer, and little ones often use the doors for support when they step in and out.

With this in mind, the glazing around exists needs to be safe, and bifolds have some unique quirks in this respect. Not every manufacturer offers comprehensive safety features, so take a look at our must-have list, below.

Stepping Out

Many kids grab door frames to aid their passage into the garden. For little fingers, this can present a safety risk, since door hinges can catch easily. You might be worried that bifolds present more of a risk because of all the hinges between the panes and all of the little gaps.

Our finger safe design means there are no trapped fingers when doors open and close. This isn’t just vital for little ones; it’s also invaluable in environments where older or more vulnerable people may be moving around near the doors. This child proof design will be present on every hinge. Not every company offers child safe hinges, so be sure to mention it when you call for quotes.

Once opened, safety catches hold the doors in a stack and prevent them from moving around.

No Trips

One of the hazards of patio doors is the lip the kids have to step over. This design has resulted in many trips and bumped heads. It can also make it difficult to get toys, wheelchairs and pushchairs over the threshold, increasing effort and limiting access.

Providing your room is suitable, we can drop the threshold of the door right into the ground, reducing the distance of protrusion to around 1cm. Optionally, you can then have a ramp either side to smooth over the raised edge. Note that a traditional cill is more weatherproof, so we recommend this design for doors that aren’t exposed to very bad rain.

If yours are exposed, don’t worry. Often, we can still drop the rail right down to around 6cm. You’ll need a site survey to find out what’s feasible.

Safety First

Have you heard stories about glass doors being accidentally smashed by kids? Often it’s because a ball bounces in the wrong direction, or because someone’s run into the door while playing. In the olden days, this often meant injury and pain for children. Nowadays, that isn’t the case.

We only install bifolds with child safe glass, which is toughened and shatterproof. If a football hits the doors, it won’t crack the glass, and if an over-excited child bumps into them, they won’t come away with an injury from broken glass.

Find Your Perfect Doors

Your Price Bifolds is committed to designing your perfect affordable bifold doors. If you’re considering a set for a family home, and you want to know more about safety, don’t hesitate to call us to discuss your options and come up with the perfect solution.

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