Can You Have Triple Glazed Bifold Doors?

Bifold doors are one of the customisable aspects of the home, and we pride ourselves in producing bespoke doors that precisely meet your requirements. From the colour of the frame to the optional integral blinds, the bifold door is a product that will always complement your décor.

You might be wondering whether the customisation extends to the glass in the doors themselves. The short answer is yes: you can have triple glazed bifolds. There are a number of points to weigh up before you put in your order with us.

Why do people choose triple glazing for bifold doors?

Triple glazing adds an extra layer of glass to the units inside your bifolds. The main reason people choose this type of glazing is for energy efficiency, because the extra layer of insulation can help to reduce the amount of energy lost.

Triple glazing is very popular in Sweden and Norway, and for good reason: in cold countries, every extra bit of insulation helps.

Noise reduction in another very good reason to have triple glazing, and this is the main reason we’d recommend it to customers in the London area. If you live near a busy road, you will notice a marked improvement when you fit triple glazed doors in your home.

Is it worth it for bifolds?

It’s important to remember that the biggest energy efficiency gain is the switch from single to double glazing. The upgrade from double to triple will certainly reduce your bills, but there’s an extra investment in the product that negates this, to a degree. If you already have very good quality double glazed bifolds, the upgrade to triple glazing is unlikely to make a difference. However, if this is a completely new set of doors to replace an old single-glazed French door, you may want to consider splashing out, and upgrading to triple glazing – the best your money can buy.

Consider the fact that there is more to energy efficiency than the number of panes in the door. For many people, the quality of the bifold doors, and the experience of the fitter, is just as important as the glazing itself. If your budget is fixed, you may be best off with a high quality double glazed set of doors, rather than a triple glazed door that is poorly installed. You also need to weigh up the results with uPVC vs aluminium.

The noise reduction benefits of triple glazed bifolds are probably the most convincing reasons to buy them, though, and few customers who installed bifolds in a noisy area have lived to regret that decision.

Finding out more

Triple glazed bifold doors can make your home feel warmer, and they can help to stop your home from being plagued by traffic noise. New doors are an investment that will last decades, and we want to help you make sure you get the doors you really want. Contact Your Price Bifolds, and we’ll talk you through the process of ordering the perfect set of double or triple glazed bifolding doors for your home or upgrading your bi-folding doors.

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