Why Choose a Low Threshold Bifold?

Bifold doors come in myriad styles and configurations. No matter what your property looks like, we can create a frame style, colour and shape that works well for you. But what about the people in the home: how are they going to use the bifolds? How can the doors make their experience better?

One of the best features of bifolds, when compared to other doors, is the ability to sink the threshold into the floor. This means there is no cill sticking up: it’s all hidden in the paving.

Let’s look at some good reasons to do this.


Businesses often choose bifolds because of the vastly improved access to a building. That helps during busy periods, since you can easily relieve bottlenecks by opening more of the doors. Similarly, bifolds are very valuable when used around pool areas where people need plenty of space to move around.

But there’s another benefit to bifolds in commercial premises: accessibility. If you have customers who use a wheelchair, walking aids or crutches, for example, bifold doors give them enough space to come and go comfortably.

By sinking the threshold into the floor, you ensure your doors are not a trip hazard, and you automatically make it much easier for people in wheelchairs to enter and exit.

In the home

With little ones around, big steps and large door frames can pose a hazard. If your toddler struggles to step into the garden safely, there will probably be a few occasions where they topple on the way in or out. Bifold doors can actually help, since sunken runners mean there’s nothing for them to step over.

The same benefits apply to pets, particularly as they age. With fewer things to jump or trip over, they’re less likely to struggle to get into the garden.

Don’t worry about kids trapping their fingers as they come in and out of the house. Just ask us to fit special child safe hinges to the doors.

Getting a survey

Not every home can have sunken runners for bifold doors. It depends whether you’re replacing existing doors, or whether you’ll be making a brand new opening for the doors. It can also depend on the way the doors face, since harsh wind and rain is a bad idea.

While it’s not impossible to adapt an existing opening, it will require additional building work. Likewise, you can get rain on a sunken threshold, but excessive amounts of water need to be avoided.

It’s best to let an expert check your home before ordering. The cill on bifolds is normally a critical part of the waterproofing for the doors, so we need to make sure a sunken threshold is not going to cause problems with damp.

If you’re not sure about totally sunken doors, we can make them in the normal style but with a ramp, which makes them easier to navigate without causing any damp problems.

If you’re not sure which design to go for, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our bifold door specialist team today.